Oh YEA....!!!

By 4:09 PM

Go women...!


If you stick your USB into my port
We might get a micro
Because you want to caress my tender torso
I'm sweet like a mango
But we cannot tango,
Because you see i have a code of conduct
Which I refuse to let you destruct
And deduct from the energy I need...
....so i sit and wait patiently
Like i'm stuck in the train station
Until the day i walk down the isle in my pretty white dress
I won't let sex be detrimental to my success...!

-George Watsky on 'virginity'

-"To every man who ever called himself a feminist"


Girl I know you can lean with it, rock with it
What did the five fingers say to the face?

La mujer.... by Bruja

- Roxy Azari "Seen not heard"

-Ursula Rucker "What a woman must do"

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