The little things give you away...

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Well I clean this slate
with the hands of uncertainty
Let mercy come
And wash away....

What I've done
I'll face myself
To cross out what I've become
Erase myself
And let go of what I've done.
-Linkin Park


Almost a week has passed since my last post...! What is the meaning of all this...?


I've spent the past week finishing up Law exams (thank God it's over...!), working hard, being sick and touring like a tourist.

The Law exam was decent - to say the least. Paper 2 was definitely a bit more challenging than Paper 1. I can't quite say whether I'm feeling particularly optimistic about the results, but there's always prayer - right?

At the beginning of the End of Term exams, I thought of it as a working holiday. I called it this because while you had to still go to school to invigilate exams, no actual teaching would be involved. My how was I wrong... I walk at least 4 times than I usually do in the exam room. I feel sleepy from the nothingness of just sitting there waiting for a hand to extend into the air with a question. Then when the hand is extended, and I approach the student 4 out 5 times it's with an invalid question... for example, on a multiple choice question that states clearly in the instructions to 'write the number and the letter of your answer choice', the student will go "Miss, do we have to write just the letter and the number?"


And these papers have my head spinning... I'm procrastinating...

On a high note, Zel and I went to Fort Frederick and Fort Matthew this week for the first time. It was beautiful... It's like being queen of the hill.

I'm feeling very sleepy. I shall post something proper very soon. At the bottom are two lazy shots I took with my cellie (cellphone). Next time I visit, I'm going to go fully prepared with my digital camera to get some decent shots.

For tourists like myself (lol) that want to read
all about what I can see, and what I am to
look for from the Fort...
Just click on the photo to make it bigger.

On top of Fort Frederick

On top of Fort Frederick


Shelli out for now.
*falls asleep*

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