Can we take a ride...? Get out of this place... while we still have time...?

By 7:57 PM

Heh... i'm weird. *giggle*

*WARNING* Mini Rant below.

Ok... I'm not going to be posting much for the rest of this week into next week. Life has become incredibly hectic.

My desk at work is stacked nice and high with end of term English papers waiting to be marked. Then my bag has papers awaiting to be typed, printed and cut-and-pasted accordingly. My bed is covered ambitiously with notes, papers and law study guides for me to revise... If only I had the willpower to get up from my comfy spot in the middle of the night to go study. I'm just so sleepy... The exams are this Friday and next Tuesday.... Hmm....

WELLL.... I need to start typing up my papers... so....

*sniffles* I'm going to miss you so much... *sniff sniff* *tear tear*

*clutches laptop closely*

Ciao for now,
Much love.
Shelli out.

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