Yankees vs. Dodgers

By 9:52 AM

Guess who was able to go to a ball game with premium tickets as a vvip? The most important part of this experience was the gourmet food and sky blessings which caused the game to get postponed so I could experience it twice. My cousin organized the tickets for us... These tickets come up to roughly a grand or more for the seasons purchase - you don't buy just one, you buy the season. You enter through the Legends entrance and dine there as well. And the seats? We're talking first row behind first base seats.

This is fresh mozzarella with pesto and red pepper sauce.

This is raspberry gelato! Like... the kind in 'Eat, Pray, Love'

They bring the yummy gourmet food to you OUTSIDE to YOUR seat upon request...!

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  1. These pictures are amazing lady! Looks like a darn good time! :)