Birthday post!

By 2:23 PM ,

This year officially marks my presence on Earth for a quarter century. 


Following photos are from my birth week..!

I got treated to sushi lunch...
Sushi and sashimi

First time having saki

Green tea ice cream

Went to dinner with my boyfriend at Rooftop... Food was yummy (but expensive), service was rush rush. I don't even think we got a chance to look at the menu properly.. *frown* Hence, I don't feel motivated to go back.

Mahi Mahi & shrimp creamy cheesy pasta...

Sher dropped by...

..with gifts of cake and a party popper thingy (that fortunate malfunctioned and didn't stream ribbons all over the office for me to clean up haha)


Check out my new shorts from Sher! And my new hair! lol

The end!
 All in all, 'twas all good.

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