Eared dove rescue...

By 2:56 PM

So there's a cherry tree outside my bedroom window that a bird decided to nest in. Every time we went to pick cherries, we'd see the mom and her babies until...

...One afternoon I heard angry flapping. The neighbour's cat snatched the mom. Mom and I ran outside to attempt to get her freed but the cat held on and ran. Mom followed him all the way to the neighbour's house whose window he jumped in.

Needless to say, they were very amused. My mom was very upset about the new orphaned babies. without a mom to show them the ropes of survival. We brought them inside so the cat wouldn't get them. The next day, I called a friend of mine at Ministry of Forestry and he passed and collected the pair of siblings.

Hopefully they survived!

All those white things on the ground are feathers :(

Feather from the mommy bird :(

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