Despair not..!

By 11:08 PM

I know I've promised updates but much has happen. For one, my laptop is still down - seemingly permanently (due to frustration on my part). It's randomly shutting down - could be a virus, but all for now I can't be bothered to fight up again. I'm currently not at the place I used to do my new sketches and post write-ups so it's thrown me off.

The good news? The boyfriend's laptop is available. I have a few posts to update y'all with in an effort to get back to regular programming.

Oh! And my aunt surprised me with a trip to the Big Apple as my 25th birthday gift. So....expect sporadic posts while I'm there (if any at all).

Limitations of a technologically hindered soul. *sigh*
I got my Android to cooperate so I'm able to do these quick short posts. We'll see how this all goes...

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