Up inna di bush we goooin...

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Day: 1

This post is going to be mostly a photo post as there's not much to say thus far.

One of my courses requires my classmates and myself to undergo an environmental research project. My group has decided to do a study in collaboration with the Ministry of Forestry. Our study is to find out whether using vocalizations are an effective method to getting population estimates of the local Mona monkey population.

Thus far, we've just been familiarizing ourselves with the terrain, figuring out the GPS devices, where to lay transects, etc.

Our location was off a trail near 1910 in Grand Etang. It took us about 20 minutes to get the GPS devices to co-operate with us. 15 minutes to descend the trail because it was slippery and we realized we might not have the proper gear for the trip. And... about 3 hours of fun trail-walking after reconciling that the mud, razor grass and mosquitoes were our friends. Well... not so much the bush mosquitoes but  the trip itself was fun.

I'm lazy to water mark my photos...

Riding at the back of the truck

Krisma and Jody fiddling with the GPS

Ez and me... look at my hair *sigh*

How the trail began...

Kester (in Green) one of our Forestry experts

The descent

Krisma and Jody trailing behind...

We're going in!


Jody and... the guiding stick.

Daneille and the view finder... we heard a monkey!

Sigh... mud

Ez climbing over a fallen tree... Krisma in her protective rain gear

We reach!

Jody trying to map our location

Jody, our diligent GPS 'figure-outter'


Forest Rep.and Ez coming down

Photo creds: Daneille

Photo creds: Daneille

Photo creds: Daneille
Photo creds: Daneille

C'est tout.

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