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I'm super busy once more and I don't have time to do a proper update.

However, I did brunch with a friend today and I was showing her some prints of the pieces in my budding portfolio. She inquired about prices and then we got into a heated discussion as to why it's not within the price range of 5-10$ U.S.

I guess this is what most people fail to realize... Art supplies are expensive - at least the preferential good artist quality not student quality supplies. And piecing them all together aside from the financial aspect takes time - How much is an hour of your life worth?

For example, cakes are expensive to order. Granted when you're making a cake you don't necessarily use the whole bag of sugar, all the butter, all the flour, all the milk, etc. But it's not to say you can always walk in the store and conveniently find everything in perfect quantities. There's the flat cost of materials and then there's the cost of the time involved in making and designing the cake.

With my pieces, it's on the relatively low price range since I'm new at it. However, I do have to factor in the cost of the canvas, paints, mounting board, etc. in the pricing...

Here's a quote I found in an Art Forum:

This reminds me of the story about Christian Dior. He made a hat for a lady and charged her £500 for it. She said,"Thats ridiculous for a bit of silk and a feather."

He took the feather and the length of silk off the hat, gave it to the lady and said;
"The silk and the feather are free, it is £500 for me putting them together."
 End of story.

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