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To those waiting on the latest Grand Etang post....... you shall have to wait a bit more. All the pics are on my mum's laptop and she has it. Plus, last week of school = most assignments, quizzes, exams, etc.

I'm currently working on my Invertebrate Zoology lab, but I'm getting a head ache. Thus, I've decided to take a quick break to post something.

Mussels! Under a dissecting microscope that is... (taken with my cellphone camera)

Since I'm drawing blanks for a topic beyond the internal structure of mussels... Whilst sitting in the hallway, the late afternoon sun casted an interesting light and I found myself taking pictures - - - of my hands.

If you've been following my blog regularly, you would've seen that I've only taken to painting my nails as of recent. That and cutting/styling my hair that is.

I've already lost momentum with the hair bit, too high maintenance. I'm just waiting for it to grow back so my typical "librarian bun" can happen with ease once more.

As for my nails, I used to find millions of excuses as to why not paint them. Previously, I used to use pastels and charcoals more actively as a favourite medium. As consequence, I used to keep my nails a bit shorter and well, my fingers were constantly covered with pigment stains.

This year, I've taken to using paints more. So instead of fingers, the rest of my body and clothes gets stained from my wildness. I know, I know, fail.

Sooo... seeing I've fallen in love with my hands and have become narcisstic with it and for my personal amusement - I'm going to post my collection of hand photos thus far. You can stop reading now if you like...

And today

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