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We successfully did the Carenage clean-up yesterday. We had 5 snorkelers and 6 scuba divers.

Honestly, it was a bit tricky getting volunteers for the project because many of the people we approached seemed to be so wary of the Carenage water. I don't know about other members, but when I approached people they were with me for the refreshments and free gear and then I mention it's on the Carenage - a complete 180 happens. The reality is, we could see the garbage so we're more conscious about the possibility of the water being highly polluted. However, the water circulates twice a day and thus flushes the garbage out. It's dirty, yes, but proven and tested within the marginal safety region of a few other popular places on the island of which you'd be surprised.

Think about it, where does the Cross Harbour swim competitions start from? If it were that diseased and polluted, would we really risk people's health that way?

I'm excited about this post so I can't wait on everyone's photos to go up and to get the data cards. You're just going to have to pass back and check this post in a few days to see the extra added stuff.

From basic observation, there is a lot of garbage in the water. The items we encountered mostly were bottles, found along the shallow parts near the sidewalk. In Dragon Bay, we had found many plastic bottles. This time it was mostly glass bottles - Carib & Heineken beer bottles, rum & vodka bottles & malt. Not surprisingly, the majority that we found (my team) were located where the Rhum Runner is docked. (We didn't go past that point)

The oddest items that I saw were vehicle tires. I have no idea how nor why they were there and they were all of varying sizes. We didn't even try to bring them up this time. It was a struggle to get the ONE tire from Dragon Bay as it was absurdly heavy... and we're female. As my mother would say, "Easy lesson, good for dunce."

Another group of snorkelers found a baby stroller.

Check back soon for the actual data of our discoveries and more pictures of the whole crew. My phone camera apparently didn't take all the photos I initially thought it did. *sigh*


Wayne (Eco member), sorting through the snorkel gear

Ez & I (Eco members) waiting for the event to start

Me in my suit, getting ready to go in

Jody (Eco member) getting ready to go in - sorting through fins.

My accident prone self got scratched by God knows what...

Let the discoveries start to pile up...

Christabelle & Makeda (Eco members) in the background. Dr. Pilcher's husband & friend's daughter in the foreground. They're observing the garbage.

Dr. Pilcher (faculty adviser of the group & our Wildlife & Conservation expert), Leyana (Eco member), Liberty (volunteer) & Danielle (Eco member) sorting through the garbage.


Caleb & Sean (volunteers)

That's all for now...!
Check back soon for updates!


Extra pics! Photo creds to Wayne.

Lania & Lexi

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  1. Anwar Simon5:44 PM

    That scratch looks deadly!!! lol great work on Saturday and great post :)