Hands down, I'm too proud for love

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I've been stressed out so much recently. My schedule is out of whack. My eating habits are off. I'm on a busy hustle most of the time, trying to get my art portfolio up and ready. Plus, there's school. Long story short, a lot has been happening. I don't want to say I'm overwhelmed, but I can really use a break.

On one of super-exhausted, dreary days, a gf of mine dragged me out my house reluctantly under the guise of brunch to meet her in town and get my energy up a bit. We did the brunch thing, and then I went with her to the hairdresser. I normally don't get my hair done in Grenada unless it's by Shads, a friend of mine, who has gifted fingers with my hair type.

So, upon enquiry as to where my friend was going to take me, she said 'Horizon Plaza.' I didn't even know there was a place called Horizon Plaza in town. For those of you who don't already know it, or don't know your way around town like myself, it's on St. John's Street. Where is St. John's St.? It's that street that buses turn into when they're going up the hill to Convent or that street opposite the bus terminal on the corner of Beer Gardens (3 for 10). If you don't know which is Beer Gardens, it's the bar with all the mirrors in it.

End of digression. As you proceed up St. John's St., there's a tall cream building that says 'Horizon Plaza' on the very top. Enter, first floor, Judy's Beauty Salon.

Now, I must say I did not regret going. My friend Nata went to get her hair washed and curled. You know how this story tends to go... You go out with your friend, you have to wait with them somewhere, you end up being intrigued by something while you wait. This story is no different. If you've been following my blog you might've noticed my hair and I have had a strange, recent love affair. One in which it seems I'm most restless and dissatisfied and seemingly on a curiosity quest to try something new. I found myself asking the hair dresser about colouring my hair, pricing, etc... and I was so pleased by her responses that I ended up getting my hair done myself.

At the end of the photos, I'll tell you how much we ended up paying.

Renata post-hair wash

Me, pre-wash, having a vain moment. Notice, my hair is finally growing back.

Disa, the hair dresser, putting the curlers in Nata's hair.

Yes I know my mouth is open... blame Nata. It's only pic I have washing my hair that  I like.
 This was the part I loved - the service. Disa explained step by step what she was doing and why. She used the Vitale Shampoo & Conditioner. She also deep treated my hair. I learned that my hair is actually healthy. Also, got some advice on hair products that would work more effectively to moisturize my hair without making it greasy, or get dirty fast.

Getting it blow-dried.

Hot curling iron.

Flat ironing.

Completely flat-ironed.

I cut bangs.

All done.
G.P.O.Y. (Gratuitous Picture of Yourself)



Guess how much we paid?

This is what we both did
  • Shampoo-ed & condition
  • Deep conditioned/treated
  • Blow-dried/(Nata went under the dryer)
  • Nata curled/I flat ironed
  • I cut a bang
It all costed...... (each)

$ 25 E.C. 

Mind you, my hair is long. Generally, the hair dressers I've encountered charge according to length. Disa, our hair dresser, says that she sincerely loves doing hair so she doesn't believe in over pricing. While I was there too, I used like 4 towels. She doesn't like to see wet towels so she kept changing them throughout. And as I mentioned before, she answered my numerous questions. I was very pleased with the service received. I've been gushing for days about it. 4 days later, my hair still smells like strawberries, and still manageable and most importantly, still straight.

I prefer my hair with big waves, rather than bone straight. If I comb it out, it gets back bone straight... But if I finger comb it, it looks like this. This is my "movie star hair" look.

Also, notice how tired I look? I took the pic tonight...  after I got home.

She does everything but jeri curl, and her prices are reasonable.

Wanna make an appointment?
I encourage you to try her just once and see for yourself.
Call Disa at (473) 415 4392

C'est tout.

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