To trust, or not to trust.. that is the question.

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So... I was perusing youtube on my favourite channel 'HotdamnIrock' and stumbled across a vid entitled 'Baby give me one more chance.'

Before I launch into this post I must say... this guy is hilarious!! If you haven't seen his stuff as yet, I encourage you to do so. Everything he posts about is very real and sentient. He touches on almost every topic from gang life to relationships in the most funny composition. Each video is a story and generally are about his personal life or experiences his friends have had that he knows of.

The following is an excerpt from the aforementioned video. The overall message is dealing with the question of whether or not you should take a cheater back. However, the part I selected deals with the connection between trust and loyalty. I've addressed cheating before on a previous post. I think my stance was not much of a stance... it was more along the lines of I don't approve but if I don't ever find out...? Peek it if you like, it's hyperlinked above.

Anyways, hope you like the excerpt.

"The most important thing in a relationship is trust... and if you don't have trust, then you don't have a relationship. Trust is almost automatic when you first meet's like, you don't have a reason not to trust this person but you just met them so you don't trust them 100%. Somewhere in the middle, trust is just automatically assumed. But once somebody does something to break that trust it's hard to get that back. Matter of fact, it's almost impossible to ever get back lost trust. Because once you break trust, you question loyalty... And if you can't be loyal to person then...... how can I be with you? How can we establish a relationship if I can't trust the ish that you say out your mouth? You understand what I'm saying?

But when it comes to the subject of cheating... there's a very simple solution to this problem. Just DON'T [bleep] cheat in the first place. What I don't understand is how can people claim that they love somebody, care about a person but then you go and cheat. The moment that you cheat on your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or whatever you have --- where did all those feelings and all those emotions go when you initiated contact with this other person? What the hell did you do with all that love and ish? "
'Baby give me one more chance' 
Maurice Kain Carter 

The video if you want to see it...

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