Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead.

By 9:17 PM

This is going to be a lonnnng night. I have more photos from today. I'm getting into this photo editing software I have and suddenly I want to edit everything... enhance colours, tweak borders, etc... Hopefully I get something posted tonight. Peep back later?

While you're waiting you could check through this guy's blog. His name is anonymous1 and well... he's anonymous. The blog is called "Eavesdropping in the Boys Club." He speaks a book about men in general and how they think. I thought his stuff was pretty interesting. To any males reading my blog, I'm sure if you glimpse this guy's posts, you're going to think he's a sell out. And... to the females, I'm sure you'd gasp to yourself as he describes situations I'm sure you or someone you know has found yourself/his/herself in. Introductory link "How your perception of him could be helping him make a fool of you" and it starts 'Women might be able to fake orgasms but men can fake a whole relationship.' It basically speaks about the importance of actions matching words and the state of being in denial as a female. Click the hyperlink above to peek see.


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