Let's try something new.

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"Hands down I'm too proud for love 
But with eyes shut it's you I'm thinking of 
I guess... I'm a little bit, little bit, little bit in love with you"
- Drake

Let's try something new.

What's that? Green nails? Yes. Meet Shelli refurbished.

It's a new month. I know I'm really lagging with updates. I promise to do something about the situation.

This semester has proven to be challenging thus far. Challenging not because of the courses or anything like that, but because life happens. The most sucky part about being a student again -- is unemployment. I'm sure if I were in NY this problem wouldn't be a problem because they just love students over there... You know, underpaid, desperate, flexible labour. Whereas in Grenada everything seems so 8-4, unless you were employed and then applied for school and worked something out with your boss. It seems hard to just jump in fresh as a student... Or perhaps I'm just looking at all the wrong places...

Right now, I'm checking out all the night job options... from hotels to bar tending. I'm down for whatever, like four flat tires. Long story short, I hate being dependent. Dependency is not for me, we're not friends.

Aside from that, I had some personal drama to sort out. I can't even say it's been sorted. But I can say I've sorted myself out. At the beginning of this year a good friend told me something that we all know "If it's not being said directly to you, and your name is not being called, do not assume it is about you." How many times have we assumed that something was about us, when it completely wasn't... Or, how many times have we assumed something was about us, and we were correct however ambiguity of statements just meant more stress on your part?

I propose the motion that in 2011, bliss is ignorance preserved. That is, don't  go looking for stuff, because you may not like the answers you find.

Keep it G people.

See? Don't I look intimidating? lol

Double kisses.

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