I see your Ping!!! and I raise you two more...... (for all those with a BB)

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"What is up with those days when everything about 
EVERYTHING is pissing you of eh, eh? EH!?"


-Sher (Liz)

So... I've finally decided to start being fully honest with myself. Every other day I find myself borrowing a book from the library with the great ambition of reading for like an hour or so when I get home. Every morning, I return with the book to the library. When I take it out of my bag to return it, that's the first time it has left my bag since putting it in the day before. 

I've finally reconciled that it just isn't going to happen... And make myself revise in school.


Moving along with my pet peeves... I'm trying to get off that damned nail. 

For those who have not heard my wonderful story of the dog and the nail... here goes... So this guy comes over to visit his friend. The friend's dog just keeps whining the whole time. The guy gets concerned, and slightly annoyed, and asks his friend why the dog keeps crying. The friend simply tells him that the dog is lying down on a nail and it hurts. He said it so calmly and nonchalant. The guy is now perplexed... He then asks his friend why doesn't he move the dog then... The friend shrugs and says "When it hurts enough, and it gets tired of crying(complaining), it will get up and leave and go somewhere more comfortable..."

So... that's how some things go with some people. They complain actively and do nothing about the situation... but when it becomes uncomfortable enough, they get up.

I think it finally hurts enough. I'm on the brink of being done.
Just take me home.


Ok. So I have nothing further to post about... I think I'll just close off with an amusing moment I had with a friend today.

RiRi: "Shelli you're always on that BB"
Shelli: "..naw... of course not..."
RiRi: "I bet you does even sleep with it"
Shelli: *stops to look at her* "Umm.. well..."
RiRi: "Wait.. Nevermind I does sleep with mine too..."
Shelli: "Exactly!! That's how you know you're hopelessly single 
from who is potentially in something or taken. No phone on no 
bed means no one to call you're backside in the AMs"

Potentially single people come up with b.s. excuses about "in case of an emergency... you know... good to have a phone with you..." or "I keep it for an alarm and if it's on the bed... you know... hear it better..." Let that person give up on relationships, they wouldn't even know where the phone is to set an alarm much less an emergency... Ok, maybe for an alarm... But the value would surely decrease, no?


If your dog doesn't like someone...
Probably you shouldn't either.
Shelli out.

P.S. Don't mind the Spanish at the end of the page and on the sidebar... I'm going to try and tweak it this weekend. I'm just scared to scrap it in the middle of the week seeing blogger and my templates have been pms-ing with each other recently. 

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