But.. who wants to be alone?

By 7:57 PM

How many people do you know are skilled in the art of messing up their OWN blog template...??? I don't even know how I managed such a feat. So I got a little carried away after I fell in love with the template and my genius blog name for my new photoblog "Don't take me home til the sun comes up". I felt it was too pretty for a photoblog and suited this one more... so I switched templates. Lo and behold, it was formatted to be a photoblog with a huge post and 3 columns of preview previous posts below. Thus, when I changed it here, it showed one post and had previews of all the others......which is all fine and dandy but I really hate having to click "read more" on post previews on other blogs. Perhaps it's laziness, perhaps it's lack of user friendliness, whatever it is - I don't like it.

So I switched it back. Epic fail. The photoblog is fine and in working order. I copied the exact xml code from the original template (because I copy-pasted it into Word prior to the switch). However, when I switched it back it the single column for the posts body came back up normal however it came up all in previews. *sigh* I couldn't the glitch in the code... And I even ponder tweaking both accordingly... But *sigh* that's way too much sifting and editing for me.

Long story short. New template.

Just.. Don't take me home... Till the sun comes up.

Shelli out

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