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Life Lesson # 10 : Things don't always go as planned. Sometimes the best plans 
turn out completely awry. However that's no excuse to duck and run for
cover... As Britney Murphey said in 'Little Black Book,' "sometimes,
you discover that if you let go of the steering wheel for a minute
you might just end up right where you belong...."

"Life is a waterfall...
One in the river...
One after the fall..."

So this year has been most interesting... I know I'm yet to post a very proper post but the inspiration keeps coming and then ebbing away.

I decided that this year I'm going to take (more) control over my life. Be it with regards to school, finances, even my art... any area that I can touch. I shall be pulling in the reigns.

Little things have been happening to make me feel more positive again about the rest of this year. I'm mastering the art of ignoring inconsequential stuff. I just have to learn to keep it up for beyond 2 weeks. It takes a month to build a habit, 2 weeks to give up and quit.

I'm even starting to draw again. I need to polish up my skill. Find my passion. Search within myself and find that part that I keep catch and releasing... and catch it, hold it, and keep it secret.... channel it, focus it and make it work for me.

On a sideline... I also think I'm going to enjoy my classes. Life is so unpredictable. I was uncertain as to what I wanted to do and such... After being a Business major, a Biology/Psychology major... I am now an English major with a slant mixed with a lil business, IT graphics and fine arts classes. You can never be too good... And fear of failure should never be a good enough reason to avoid what you love.

Hoy es adios...
Manana quisas...



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