Make a short story out of a long action

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Here is my last effort to write this same post... that I've been trying to write all day but keep having interruptions.

Firstly, I decided to start back reading again. At one point I used to read so much.... and then I stopped. Since stopping, I've realized my writing starting to deteriorate in various ways and I'm actually at a loss for words in some instances. And if it were one thing, I was at least a little proud of my to-date (then) vocabulary. 

Seeing my courses this semester are all forcing my to read a lot. I've decided to take front and start back getting into the habits. Starting with books people have been encouraging me to give a viewing, along with books I started and never bothered to finish (yes that includes all my college literature books from Grenada and NY).

So, I started and finished "The Alchemist" by Paul Cuelo... Click on the title to go directly to the e-book. Turns out, it is a great read. It's written very simply, and essentially tells a tale we've all heard before... well a tale some of us have heard before... but tend to forget. It's very inspiring.... so I finished it around 8, after a certain somebody called and officially woke me up. *cough* Sher *cough* ...and it set the pace for the remainder of the day.

There's a point in the book where the wise man explains that as a child each person knows their purpose but as they grow they stifle the voice and learn fear. They have dreams of impossibilities and potential achievements, learn fear then spend years trying to find that voice back fumbling around in the darkness. The key to this whole thing is to find that purpose.... that key and run with it. Seeing I'm still on this "Who I want to be" quest, it made me think of all the different things I've passionately wanted to do - and those that keep coming back up. Since I was a little girl I used to write - a lot. I have finished novels that I don't even remember writing, that's actually surprisingly good sans the modern additions of romance and such to thicken the plots. I wrote mostly adventure stories. Aside from that, I wanted to be a journalist. Me and my best friend at the time, Roxanne, would walk around the primary school documenting everything that happened. I even got one of those long ruled books (like those they give you to write lesson plans in school) and I would document everything in a formal dated format. 

Then I switched primary schools, and developed an interest in Art. I mean, I used to draw all the time, but it was given as a formal subject at my new school and I dabbled in it. And throughout my interest with both, I've always loved caring for things. At one point my house was like a stray animal center. I rescued a baby chicken from some boys in the neighbourhood once, couldn't find its mother, and took it home and it became my pet. I also found a half-dead baby chicken in my mom's garden another time, brought it home and tried to nurse it back to health...Then there was a broken-winged pigeon which mom made me give away... And a snail.. I had a monkey for a day... A pet crab and crayfish... dogs... a sheep...

So umm... as I was saying...

I went to the kitchen to help mom do some baking, and try a couple recipes myself. I've been craving sweet stuff (again) whole week. I believe it's just my body looking for quick energy fixes since I'm not eating too proper..... But anyways, I decided on cheesecake and banana nut muffins. So after gathering all my ingredients, I realized I didn't have crackers for the crust. Dad refused to go buy crackers for me, so I (reluctantly) ended up walking down the road to go to the neighbourhood shop.

So I'm walking down my road, under my umbrella (because the sun is too hot for me), in my home clothes and as I round the corner at the bottom of my hill I hear lots of, what can only be described as, passionate harmonized shouting. It was coming from the Revival Faith church which I'm assuming must be a Shaka-Baptiste church, I could be wrong.. But I found myself intrigued and curious about what it's like... Yea yea yea I know.. I'm too curious. Oh well.

When I finally got to the shop I had a (not so) strange conversation with the shop keeper. Below is essentially how it went... (SK) - (shop keeper)

SK: "So yuh studying medicine at SGU?" *big grin*
Me: *slightly puzzled* "How do you know I'm going to SGU?"
SK: "I see you every morning when you going to school... 
dem kinda hours it hadda be SGU you going" *grin*
       *I ponder pointing out it could easily be college I'm going to...
and I do look young enough still but decide against it*
Me: "No... actually... I'm doing Liberal Studies" *small smile*
SK: *Now he's momentarily puzzled... and then smiles politely* "Oh.. umm..
ok.. that's nice"

And around that point was my cue to leave... So I left feeling slightly...ruffled? I mean, certain careers just hold prestige and charm behind it without the need for many words... But then let's say you declare you want to be a teacher - that is - a highly influential person molding the minds of tomorrow, capable of restoring hope in parents and stability in homes, etc... And you receive the polite smile, unless it's someone who has experienced teaching directly or indirectly to have an appreciation for it. 

Recently, ever since I decided to abandon my Bio/Psych direction to pursue Liberal Arts, I've found myself constantly looking for reasons and means to validate taking this route. Last week, I came to the conclusion to specialize in English under it with a mix of business, perhaps art, and politics. (Or even double with politics.... but I don't want to be in school forever and a day either) And there's so much you can do with an Liberal Arts and..... even an English degree, if one should think practically.

With a Liberal Arts degree you're much more well rounded than other students who specialize within their first degree because you cover a little bit of everything. Often specialized degrees just cover the specialization, everything else regarding marketing oneself and such is a wing-it or link-it process. With a Liberal Arts degree you're supposed to have mastered the art of communication and expression along with developed a hypothetical backbone and fierceness to represent yourself in any given situation and essentially land almost any job... as the degree is so broad based. The most truly useful career skills -- such as the ability to express oneself clearly, concisely and forcefully -- are best acquired with that sort of degree(said by my Lit prof in NY). Furthermore, English can never be overrated as a degree. I'm increasingly believing it's underrated more and more each day. And it's increasingly becoming more necessary and requested by employers all over. This article shows the decline, it's effects and demands for it in the States. 

End of rant......

....So I continued walking and passed by a paw paw tree that I never really saw before. It was right on eye level too. Naturally, I probably never noticed it because whenever I'm walking that road it's hurriedly at night with little effort or time to take in the surroundings. I saw a ripe paw paw on the tree and kept walking... Then stopped, remembered what the book said about omens. Turned around, went back, and picked it. I walked home rather pleased with myself... Not only did I have a bag of crackers but I had a whole paw paw as well. My joy was temporarily blemished when I got home and my parents asked if I picked it off the diseased tree along the road right before the bend.......which is exactly where I picked it.

But surprisingly, it tastes fine. Yay me. *high five to omens*


Long short... I baked a cheese cake and my muffins. Neither came out well and neither was my fault because a certain somebody *cough*mom*cough* kept tampering with the goods. But it came out ok enough.

Tomorrow I have to go do the exam for *hopefully* my future place of employment for the remainder of my schooling... Or at least a part of it. Only kink I foresee is training... 

But walk with faith, collide with destiny. Tell the universe what you want, and it conspires to provide what you need to achieve it...

So watch me walk trustingly.

P.S. My semester seems to be much more challenging than I initially foresaw. But that's ok. Lazy I can be, but I love a class where I feel like I'm learning... and every minute in it means a minute of drinking up something I didn't know before... I think Ima enjoy it.

Deuces my lovelies....
Shelli OUT.
*throws up the peace sign*

oh... P.S.S.

Quote of the day: "There's a shortage of doctors... not a shortage of medical students." - Daniel

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