You need to stop for a minute... before you get too deep up in it

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So I failed to maintain this blog like I kept promising myself I would. I doubt this post is going to be very awesome anyways, because I ended up re-writing it so much I've lost my flow and inspiration....

Anyways, here goes.

I got a random phone call from a good old friend, Sher (Liz). And it was refreshing to talk to her, as it usually always is. It's like a gentle reminder of a simpler, less dramatic, more naive time with less responsibilities.

I factored in naive because I believe being an adult is over-rated. Being a child is bliss. You don't know enough to know fear, you know enough to know joy and simple pleasures, and you're carefree enough to believe the immeasurable possibilities that the world contains that.... when you become an adult, are taught to play it safe within the box; the world of responsibilities exist everyday and there's always one more to add to the list; and being happy and carefree becomes a conscious effort at some points because reality just happens to live in the forefront unless you choose to overlook it.

So... talking with Sher. As usual, we're good at hypothesizing and planning out oh-so-great ideas. Hopefully.. well not hopefully.. this year we shall accomplish our set collaborative plans.

Bleh.. I give up on this post. My eyes hurt. My head hurts. I'm going to nap.

On closing.... I close with two quotes.

Sher and I were musing about the major improvements in our lives in the romantic aspect.... For instance, she's one person I know understands when I say I really don't remember a certain someone's existence in my life. It's almost as if a whole year gets skipped over in my memory unless someone stops and asks specifics... and when they do it's like *confused face* I left something out... *racks brain* *light bulb* *sigh* Oh... right. Stupes.

I have very very vague memories of anything then... and the little I do remember is hardly anything really good...and the little good is tainted in some way... I have to sit and think long and hard and long and hard to come up with a memory... and all I could really come up with is that it's possible there was an alien abduction during that time which would explain the level of stupidity and the lack of recollection. I mean, anyone could understand that.

So enough about loser-ific people ... and more about quoting. Sher said something that just had me laughing for a good couple minutes.

Sher on dating losers: "It's like community service...! I've done my part!"

And my second quote that made me smile was from Donald. After having a long discussion about why it's important to live each day as your last, and theorizing that tomorrow never comes. The topic of hunger came up and I was showing off that I had lunch right before me and he didn't... to which he responded that he could always have revenge in the future... and I reminded him tomorrow never comes........and he said......

Donald on the tomorrow never coming : "The future is unpredictable but there is plenty of it left today...!"

Shelli out.

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  1. waw, i understand so completely i'm grateful, you said it so well! When i tried to tell it to others they acted as if i was crazy, i'm glad i'm not that crazy lol