I'm not going to write you a love song.

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So we done.
I finish.


Ah jus reach...


Adri, Ru and myself went out and celebrated her birthday... several days later.

Ok, partial lie. We were chaperoning... but HEY. We're good chaperons.. we chaperon from a different building. *wink*

But, seriously, we were post-celebrating.

We went to the new branch of Rituals on Wallstreet in Grand Anse. It was gorgeous. Adri and I kept gushing about how Manhattan-esque we felt just sitting on the outside patio of the place, and Russel kept watching us incredulously.

I had a Moccachino grande. Adri had a Mocha chiller and Ru had Caramel chiller I believe. I think gluttony got me sick with the grande business... halfway through the moccachino I started to feel full and nauseous. I forced an issue for the pretty price I paid for it... I burped my nausea for a good 15-20 minutes until I stopped being conscious of it.

It was so much fun.


Next week, we're planning to go to De Vinos at Le Marquis mall, Grand Anse. Order a bottle of wine, and live like the Italians do for an hour or so. Get some cheese and just chill. Mmm... good times.


Today was one hell of a controversy otherwise. People always talk. They always have something to say... and they take delight to articulate these words past their lips... and when they reach your eardrums they sow the seed of distrust. Whom do we trust? We start to doubt ourselves... whom could know better than ourselves?

For the first time in a month or so... I've made a firm decision. One that should have been made ages ago. I felt one foot move one step in front of the other in the direction of progress. I could feel the air being released from my chest and dispelled into the air in a sigh of relief. It was then I realized, I along with everyone else, was waiting for this moment.

Adri made her decisions too.

I hope Ru had some grand epiphany like we did in these moments... chances are he did... chances are he didn't.

*hugs the world*

Everybody knows... almost doesn't count.

Soooo... let's fight providence. Change the world. Make a step... for if you're not moving... you're going NO WHERE.

You wanna know how deeply my soul goes,
Deeper than bones.
And I can't get enough...
Smoke rings drift into the midnight sky...
Presently in the quilt that your mother made...
A candle burns to fight off the gloom...
I said to live this way is not for the meek...
Like a jazz DJ you talk me into sleep...
I said there will be
no regrets
when the worms come...
And they
Shall surely


Boom like an 808.
Circles like a figure 8.


Today was last assembly.

As I sat at Reno I watched the students do their little dances and sing their songs as they bid their farewell to their school.. their safe harbour over the past 5 years.

I could feel a slight smile play against the edges of my lips on occasion as I looked on... I tried to remember what it was like for me.

It's been 4 years since I've graduated High School. I can't remember much about my final assembly... That kinda sucks. But.. I do remember feeling so happy, yet terrified of leaving... venturing off into the unknown. I remember feeling that it would be hard to survive without the faces I saw on a daily basis, including those that pissed me off. I remember holding on dearly to the memory of my teachers and their classes... and to some extent I still do.

But eventually, I was able to place it from present tense past things that I clung to for dear life, to things of the past that I place in the box called cherished memories that I whip out in moments like these... when you can't helped but breathe in the nostalgia in the air and get lost in your own reveries of the past...

Oh... high school... oh college... hmm...


Shelli Out.

Thank GOD I should be well on my way off this island... like a jazz DJ you talk me into sleep.

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