Life lesson #2: What is in the dark... must come to light

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The truth it seems is something that lingers regardless of whether you want to acknowledge it's looming presence... or not. It sits quietly, patiently, waiting in the shadows cloaked in the promise of it's eventual revelation.

As the pieces fall apart, as things eventually do, all you can do is step back and watch the process. If you're on the receiving end, let the realization start to slink over your skin and grab a Sprite as your head your brain start to whir as the pieces you didn't even realize you noticed start to create the most intricate of patterns.

If the truth revealed is all on your part, to your detriment, as my students love to do, you whip out your most shocked and surprised mask and express your lack of afore-knowledge to the revelation. Or confess quickly as the pieces of your lies threaten to dissipate and lunge off the cliff of uncertainty and pray for a relatively scathe-free landing - or contact your insurance agent.

The point of all this is...

Just be honest. It works it better in the end. A good cover story is just a good cover story. It alters naught.


School is in it's final weeks. I'm almost, I repeat ALMOST, upset by the mere notion of teaching coming to a close for Easter vacation. My Form 3s have started being more cooperative, and thus, show promise. It was just one good class following another good class. We started doing still life with fruits. Some of the students get it. Most appear to have the most basic understanding of what they are trying to do.

I got that warm fuzzy feeling inside when I walked into the classroom and the students were bickering......... NOT because they don't want to have class. NOT because they have exams today. BUT because they wanted to arrange the desks to set up their displays quickly so they could start their work (and I like to think of it as conscious efforts on their part to maximize class time). If I could do the Fred Flintstone click my heels thing that day - I would have.

As for my English students, I'm trying to make the class more fun. I'm not sure how successful my efforts are. My students seem to participate more, and I, admittedly, am enjoying my classes a lot more. I'm changing up my techniques and trying to figure out fun ways to teach the topics. I guess that's the point of being a teacher : Trying to find new ways to teach something (potentially inherently boring) in a way that the students will learn, understand and remember.

I love my job once more.

Wait.. I should whisper that.
Don't wanna jinx it.


Who cut the cheese?



I'm off.
Shelli out.

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