Life Lessons: Road was not made for my bare feet to tread in the hot sun.

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So we're about to notice a few changes... I'm not sure if the most obvious of issues shall be resolved by the end of this post BUT... I've accidentally deleted my old template and completely messed up the html for the new template. Meanwhile, I'm stuck with this mumbo jumbo.

Secondly, this is the first post for the New Year... Or the first post in a very long time for that matter. My excuse is that my laptop crashed. However, it's a poor excuse considering it crashed only a few weeks aback at most.


Ok I was able to restore it to some normalcy. Shelli is still greatly miffed by the current circumstances regarding her unsightly blog template. All the cute template have some html error and I can't remember the link for the site I got the last template from.


Well.... I shall finish this later. My allergies coupled with my template issue has drained all enthusiasm that I had reserved for this post.

Ciao for now,
Shelli is back.

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