Don't pretend you ever forgot about me... We don't fight fair.

By 10:34 PM

You ever find yourself very hungry in the middle of the night... and you go to your fridge and open the door, the fridge light being the only light on in the darkness... so you bask in it... then it dawns on you that you really don't see anything you want to eat... and you get lost in that nothingness as your thoughts start to transgress to other things... until you catch yourself when you start to feel a little chilly and realize you're still standing in front of the open fridge.. hungry?


I am the extreme of all emotions today. I'm extremely happy. Extremely restless. Extremely creative... and I don't know how to make them all work with each other.

In my extreme idleness and confliction of emotions... I decided...

to paint....

.... on my pillow.

Now one could say that's sad.. or one could say that's genius. I prefer to go with the latter.

A few days (or perhaps weeks..I really can't remember) ago my mom made a new throw pillow for my bed and in the center are the words "Sweet Dreams". So... I traced three flowers onto the pillow in the center above the words and painted them. Total time process, probably about 20-30 minutes. It looks lovely. I shall post pictures of it tomorrow.

NOW, I still have lots of pent up creative energy that's making me restless... I'm so restless however I'm frustrated and I can't think up any freestyle imaginative ideas... and I can't find anything worthy to pastel sketch in the sketchbook Liz bought me for my birthday.

Ugh... It's going to be a long night.

I want to draw. I want to draw. I want to draw.


As for disappointments - the trick is to let your expectations be moderate. Moderate expectations don't leave room for too much disappointment.


I'm off for now.. going to indulge in some "let's argue about my screen name" chat conversations. It's become apparent that some people have taken the stance against my screen name "seasons change but people don't" and I am forced to defend it. I love a good argument.

In all honesty, I only put it as a quote from Fall Out Boy's song "The Take Over, The Break's Over" because it sounded nice...

Now I'm defending it. Heh... Or maybe not... I'm feeling tired... I'll post my argument tomorrow... I hope.

Shelli out.

P.S. I still have the stupid cough.

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