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By 5:35 PM

I was just thinking of what my interpretation of an excuse is, in the midst of a coughing fit.

I can't remember which one of my Literature teachers took the stance of ANY excuse not being anything but an excuse, thus worthless - but it stuck with me. Actually, I think both of them, such wonderful teachers, applied the rule. That a good excuse was just that, and changed little...

A month back or so I was walking through the mall with a friend of mine, Shawn, and the topic came up. An excuse really means nothing. To me, an excuse is an attempt at emotional extortion... an attempt to initiate or trigger guilt or sympathy so as to look beyond the fact that what needed to be done, or not be done, was in actuality a failed venture and justify or remove blame from oneself. An excuse means nothing... nothing at all. It doesn't undo the damage. It doesn't solve the world's problems. It doesn't make the deadlines...

Oh bleh... could be the fever talking again...

A ridiculous excuse example (excerpt)
I was on my way
To be with you today
well you know it's true
Because I wouldn't lie to you

First my car broke down
So then I had to hitch a ride
I was almost there
When the motor died

I was in a plane
And it was falling from the sky
I knew I had to survive
So I could say goodbye

You change your mind
Like I change the time
That I was gonna call you
Or say I was about to....
I said that I would be there
But then I didn't have a thing to wear
-MXPX 'My life story'

A weak attempt at an emotional excuse
3rd party included excuse example (excerpt)
I heard about your regrets. I heard that you were feeling sorry.
I heard from someone that you wish you could set things right between us.
Well I guess i should have heard of that from you.
I guess i should have heard of that from you.

I'm waiting for blood to flow to my fingers. I'll be alright when my hands get warm.
Ignoring the phone, I'd rather say nothing. I'd rather you never heard my voice.
You're calling too late, too late to be gracious, and
you do not warrant long good byes. You're calling too late.
-Dashboard Confessional 'The best deceptions'

I'm off for now. No photos posted tonight (I think)... My sore throat is going and I'm developing a cough in its place. Or coughing fits.

I'm not sure how relevant my examples are... but I'm feeling sick/weak again...


A couple of friends stopped by to check up on me today. I feel spoilt and loved. Thank you very very much for the visit(Brendon and Shawn)... cheered me up a lot. Oh... the streams of phone calls from Tues and Marcus...yummy. Heh heh heh... they're catching the virus... Tuesday has it and Marcus is in denial.

*hums to self* It's only a matter of time...

NOT that I wish illness upon him or anything... erm.. I'm going now... Before I put my foot in my mouth.

Had some soup. Now I'm ready for ice cream....!!! YAY!

Shelli out.

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