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OMG, am I the only one who thinks this child is gorgeous? Ok, so maybe I'm not the only one. Infact, several other blogs have made statements of the like. BUT she IS amongst the most adorable babies I've ever seen.

Despite the vast distance between the U.S. and my petite Caribbean isle, I have still managed to get involved in the drama that is the typical celebrity life. One of my aunts has subscriptions to all the juicy "reliable" celebrity magazines like People, National Enquirer, etc. and naturally I couldn't help but be taken in by it all. I was chiming away at the weirdness surrounding Suri's lack of presence and bordering on whether she does exist at all.... I mean I've heard versions of theories regarding it, as I'm sure the rest of the world has, ranging from Katie and Tom not even being together to begin with and it being all for publicity to... erm... just weird stuff.

BUT none of that matters anymore... I mean c'mon... JUST LOOOK AT THAT GORGEOUS bundle of joy. She looks so cute. So much like her parents. SO delightful. Congrats Tom and Katie. *big grin* Congrats indeedy. Best wishes.

(This is my fave pic of her... just look at the cutie pie)
For more pics, this blog has many. And this one.


Ok enough gushing about the baby. I've already blabbed to ALL my friends, insisted that they MUST see Suri, and *attempted* to convert them on my "Suri is so gorgeous" bandwagon.

Now, due to the rising of my allergies i'm forced to acknowledge the heat. I know that I'm an island girl and this should be nothing, but geez, it's hot..! It's very humid as well. It's hot and humid. How lovely. One just has to love icky weather. Atleast the moon is out right?

You know, being 18, fresh out of college and jobless is quite an experience. Who ever thought finding a job would be this hard... AND its not that I'm not qualified, maybe I'm not searching hard enough. It is my understanding the job market is flooded. Thus, I should seek harder. But I figure I'm suffering from post-vacation-and-no-school(for the first time) syndrome.

I visited college to see a couple teachers and I felt so awkward. At first it was like - do they think I shouldn't be here..? Or even worse, do they believe I'm repeating because I flunked my classes? (which I did not, for the record.) Then I got over myself, and realized that I look like one of them. This realization dawned on me when a couple of "young'ns" were trying to hit on me as I walked pass "The Tree" on the hill. It was all in my head. It seems fortunate that I graduated when I did in a way though because all those jokes about school being a prison seem more of a reality. Although I'm sure there is a completely reasonable, justifiable, plausible reason (as in to make the environment appear more conducive and rid of the undesirables that wander into the college begging for money). There are all these gates and barbed wire fences. Yes indeed, I bet it is for our own protection. Yes that's what it is.

OOOH... I must say also that one MUST walk across the Carenage at night if ever on this beautiful isle (Grenada). Me and my friends walked across for old times' sake, Wednesday I believe it was. The moon was out, and the reflections of the lights of the town at night on the water... *sighs* I shall take a photograph someday and post it here.

*sighs contentedly*
Shelli out.

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