Another day in the jungle.

By 10:06 PM

I went out today on my jobhunt. Eekies.

I know how much i used to accuse some people i know living abroad of hiding behind the "the economy is bad" statement as a cheap excuse not to work. However, i realize now that i'm actually now struggling to get a toe, much less a foot, in the system it's pretty much the truth.

I can't vouch for the states. But i can speak for here.

Right now it's awful. The job market is flooded. I'm trying desperately to get into a teaching job but i can't.

It seems apparent that there is actually a decrease in the number of primary school students attending primary schools. Thus, there is a surplus of primary school teachers. As a means to rectify the problem, the Ministry of Education is trying find vacancies within the secondary schools to place the qualified (ex-) primary school teachers. Furthermore, i heard a rumour from Zel that what she's hearing is that Teachers who did Teacher Education courses have first priority over those who didn't do such courses. Essentially we're all here.

Sitting, waiting, wishing, hoping.

Shelli out.

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