I got a job.

By 10:19 AM

The long search is over... I, Shells, have decided to discontinue my intense search for a job... because I found one. ^^*

I shall be teaching Art at a high school. Hopefully I'll be a good teacher. I would HATE to be the teacher that I used to complain about when I was a student.. ie, can't teach, too young, can't teach, fresh out of college, can't teach... etc etc.

As fate should have it... My dad was telling me that when he was looking for a job back when he was younger, for the first time after getting his qualifications. He was called into interviews and such, but he didn't get called back to work..... Until one of the best companies to work for, took him in. Then all of sudden, all the job offers started pouring - especially those that were cutting styles on his application/interviews.

The same day I got through with the Art teaching job, I found out the Ministry wants me to teach Literature at some other school. Mind you, I had indeed wanted to teach Lit. but i got over that want when I realized (or thought it to be...) futile. Then I found out yesterday that there's an availability at a law firm for me. The whooper would be if RBTT calls. I wanted to go to RBTT -.-... They pay very well (much better than a teacher), take good care of their employees.. and I haven't received a response from them yet. *sighs* oh well...



I'm sleepy. I went to the beach yesterday with some friends. Yesterday was officially the last day of being 18, first time not being in school, not working anywhere, being innocent to the tough ways of the world when it comes to work.

It was much fun. The water was very warm and lovely.


I'm sleepy.

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