Feel Good Day

By 9:00 PM

Have some composure
And where is your posture?
Oh no no!
You're pulling the trigger
Pulling the trigger all wrong
-'Time to dance' Panic! at the Disco

Today was hectic but delightful.

What did I do? I went to college and tried to dig myself a path through this muck that is the *job hunt*. I dropped off my gift for one of my teachers (art), my small token of appreciation. She loved it.

When I first joined her class I really thought she hated me. Seriously. I had almost nothing nice to say about her. Not that I was hearing the sweetest recommendations overflowing about her. Coming down to the end of the course what I realized is ... she's a gem. Throughout your school life you quickly realize sometimes, unless you're one of the lucky ones, that not all teachers care. This teacher is one that does. I joined a 2 year course one year late and she pushed me. She was particularly tough, but then again, she was tough on us all. That behaviour is one of the unique traits of a teacher that cares.


You know whats funny? Life.

So far in a short period of time...

I had the friendship that I idolized and dreamed of existing with a friend - "best friend"... And realized that what I wanted it to be, it no longer was... *sigh*

and a host of other things...

And while self-realization can be an unpleasant experience, I'm learning and I'm still alive.

Also, strangely enough... I'm happy today.


On a way off note....

According to the Washington Post, it seems apparent that "Diddy" (Sean Combs) is no longer Diddy in the UK due to a lawsuit. His recent name change last year from P. Diddy to Diddy created some confusion regarding names with a London-based music producer Richard "Diddy" Dearlove. As a result of the name change, Dearlove started receiving emails sent by people who thought he was Sean Combs.

Hmm... what's up with all these name changes? Today everyone is fixing their name. 'Lil Bow Wow' is now just 'Bow Wow' and 'Snoop Doggy Dogg', as of 1996, became 'Snoop Dogg'.

*sigh* Is it all really that necessary?

That's all.
Shelli out.

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