Mango! Season open!

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There is one truth that most should know about me and that is... I love fruits. The older I get, the less I discriminate among fruits as well. Recently, five finger (carambola) got added to my list of favourites. However, one of my absolute tried and true favourites are mangoes. I love the fruit, I love the fruit juice, I love the fruit candy, I love mango upside down cake, etc. It's safe to say that this is one fruit I love in all shapes and forms. I remember even going to my favourite gourmet supermarket Garden of Eden in Manhattan when I was studying overseas just to get the bottled mango puree juice from India. It's just so yum!

Suffice to say, when I visited a friend's house last week and discovered he had many mango trees in different varieties behind his house, we ended up trekking in the backyard. Ironically, he hates mango. I've come to the conclusion that that's the number 1 reason why I never noticed that he had mango trees. He felt inclined to make this revelation about the trees after I ranted all upset about my mum claiming a celon mango that I had been patiently waiting to ripe. In fact, I think everyone that crossed my path heard the injustice of the boldface claim of my mango. Of course, no one understood... but that's ok! His backyard is like endless mango ville.

My unprepared self going to trek through the mud to get mangoes.

We have to cross those two planks/makeshift bridge to get across.

Guess who was a happy camper with a huge bag of mangoes?
No, there are no pictures of my bag as I'm not trying to motivate anyone to claim my mangoes again. Easy lesson good for dunce.

What fruit or food do you love this much?

Love & light,

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