Caribbean reef squid

By 2:30 PM

I decided to finally try drawing my absolute (current) favourite sea creature. I remember the first time I stumbled upon these, I was carrying out a tour in the marine protected area. A group of guests called me over urgently to tell them what kinda fish these were. Even though it was my first time ever seeing these so close in person myself, I knew instantly those were not "strange fish" and were reef squid. 

They're so incredibly beautiful up close, lots of pretty colours. The photo is actually a shot I took myself. The drawing is not done realistic as I'm still experimenting with different ideas and expressions.

Firstly, an ink sketch.

Starting to lay down the colour with pencil crayon.

More colour added.

And then some more...

I started adding in the marker colours.

Adding more marker colour

And then some more

Added a few bubbles and my signature just in case the piece went so horribly wrong from here.

Started adding a light background

And then I was all done.

I continued to do some edits on Photoshop. I must say I was pleased with the end result.

Little squiddy is available for sale. Inbox me your offer if you like it at or

Also, if you'd like to explore squiddy on more options, I have a wide variety of things available. 

Here's a few...

There's two different edits as you can see. If you prefer one look over the other and don't see it as an option, let me know and I'll make it available.

The link is here Caribbean Reef Squid so you can bring squiddy home!

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