My Fiverr experience

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It has been that time of changing seasons where I was ready to give my blog a face lift. You may have noticed my blog looking unrecognizable from time to time over the last couple weeks. 

The reality is that since last year I've been trying to decide what direction to take my blog in and what template can I live with for an extended period. I discovered a website called where you can enlist almost any service starting at $5. I decided to take a chance. Initially, it truly felt like a nightmare come to reality. I found myself rereading my correspondence thus far with the guy I hired for the job to ensure I did not misrepresent what I wanted but constantly found the blog looking worse than the day prior.

Here was a screen I did trying to explain to no avail what needed to be adjusted on the blog after he applied this weird Wordpress looking template.

Things escalated until I finally gave up and told him just leave it alone, that I'll do it myself. Truth is, I could do it myself. I had always done it myself. I just didn't have the time and felt rather lazy about it. I attempted to cancel the $30 US custom blog order out of frustration too. I know, it's only $30 US but I felt like in this dry dry guava season $30 US is a lot to give away for free and be unhappy. It was at this point he decided to re-build our correspondence and I realized that maybe there could've been a language barrier situation. Long after the payment was issued, he continued to work to adjust to my needs and suit my fancy. I started using simpler, shorter phrases as you do with folks who are learning English and I found to be getting better results than when I used more descriptive words.

Here was when we started to make some progress.

He sent me links to pick a template I liked and wanted. In the end, I'm content with the results of how it looks and I feel satisfied to send anyone to him. What I've come to learn is that while he may not get it right the first time, he's surely dedicated to getting it right eventually... and sometimes KISS (keep it simple stupid) is way more effective than what I perceived to be a long list of clear instructions.

I'm not sure how long I'll keep this template for though. Now I'm feeling for a little bit of colour added in. However, I'm so in love with my new drop down menu that I think I'll stay with it for a while.

Like the new look?

Oh! And if you'd like to give him a try, here's the profile.

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