When God can't come, he does send

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Today was a Facebook meme turn into reality - specifically the ones that ask if you can survive without Internet. However, it was worse than that. I woke up this morning to no cellphone service or Internet. What does this feel like? Incredible disconnect. Last time I experienced something this similar was post Ivan, the major hurricane that hit Grenada.

I felt slightly sick this morning and picked up my phone to call my boss but then? No cell reception. I left home and remembered I never called back my dad but then? No cell phone reception. I was running a few minutes late for work and was about to call my coworker Roxanne but then? No service on my phone. Got to the office and was about to see if any work emails came in but then? No internet. Wanted to follow up on an order I made but then? No internet.

So what do you do when you can't make any calls, any messages, any emails, etc? Essentially disconnected from the world and anyone aside from those immediately near you?

You go with your coworker and pick mangoes from the estate. The real perk of working in agriculture is not the Internet and communication accessibility, it's all the fruits that pass your way. Today was the first time since I've been working here that I've ventured beyond my office deeper into Black Bay. 

My coworker Roxanne is at expert level of picking mangoes in that not only does she have an accurate "poke" with the rod but she catches the mango as it falls too!

Here is where some of the cocoa, that is used in the Grenada Chocolate Factory to make delicious chocolate, gets dried and prepared for sale.

Me in my work dan dan in the bush.

Yonder the estate.

Roxanne was absolutely terrified to stand this close to the edge as there's a very long drop.
She took this photo of me standing as close to the house as possible...

The view

The estate house.
Roxanne and I

**Update** Well when I got home and eventually got connected to the rest of the island and world once more, I learned that there was an earthquake that did something to the submarine cable and disconnected the data, internet and phone LIME service nationwide. Additionally, we were and still are code Orange Alert for Kick 'Em Jenny's pending eruption. Kick 'Em Jenny is a underwater active volcano. So apparently the day could've very well indeed ended up feeling like an Ivan experience.

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