Peculiar evolutions...

By 5:03 PM

I think I was a revolutionary in a past life.


I'm trying my best to post frequently and continuously falling behind. Humblest apologies folks... On the downside, I'm barely doing anything exciting in the outside world beyond school and work right now. On the upside, I've been privileged to be continuously experiencing life lessons and witnessing those of others that I, along with Sher, have ended up coming up with interesting social issue questions... the genius kind you wish you came up with back when you were in college trying to come up with a genius topic question. Then again, with life comes experiences and wisdom... and then you stop seeking answers and start trying to ask the right questions.

It's funny how that old adage "With age, comes wisdom" seems to ring true. I remember my dear Literature professor used to drill into us the necessity of designing the correct question. However, fresh out of high school, our impulses were to be provided with solutions - it was what we were taught our whole lives. Listen to what you've been told, accept to be true, repeat. Then along came Mr. Adams trying to instill into us coming up with a solution is not nearly as important as designing and understanding the real question. The question operates as the beginnings of a map so to speak or your "true north" to guide you towards an answer. Without it, how do you really know what you're looking for.

It's not enough to want answers and to demand it, you must know what you seek of first in its truest sense as possible.


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