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So it's been a while - fret not. This is a brief apology/quick update for the lack of updates.

I've been busy. It has been an eventful summer. I have a bunch of photos to post in an uber long post to compensate for my absence. School has resumed, so I'm back on the grind.

Much has changed however. Funnily enough, I realized this summer, that summer always seems to have a poignant penchant for being the poetic mark of grand endings and beginnings. With that being said, another sun-soaked season fades away but nuntheless leaving the bittersweet residual taste of experience.

Lessons learned? In a world that pushes the trend to always do something for something. Sometimes its that volunteer effort which expects nothing that has the greater return in moments least expected and most desired. Never knock volunteer work... the Bible does say something about giving and getting double than when you simple take & take right? (I know... that's rich coming from me - Bible quoting that is. Believe it or not, I actually went to church this summer too. I'm re-giving this spirituality/Christian thing another go..)

Next, tequila brings out honesty in the least edited way possible. Therefore, strive to keep it 100 with those you care about truly and stop denying your true feelings. Putting up a front renders one with nothing at the end. If you're hurt, say so. If you're happy, say so. What is bottled up eventually hits the brim and there's no guarantee how ceremoniously the liquid goodness - or badness - would bubble over. If we all knew how to communicate properly... or at least strived to communicate effectively a lot of problems wouldn't get a chance to...well... blossom and mature into problems.

Trust your instincts and don't ignore the signs. I realize that answers all tend to lie before our eyes. However it's all a question of what are you willing to see. A dear friend of mine told me a quote that stuck but took a while to sit - "3rd person is a motherfu..." (still trying to maintain no swearing on my page) It took a while for me to grasp but all it simply means is the same thing all those other cliched perception quotes say like "You can't see the picture while standing in the frame." There's beauty in the breakdown, some pain in reality. However the ability to feel pain means you're capable of emotion and well... pain stimulates growth - we all true learning is traumatic, no one learns from being comfortable. To tie this in relevance before it appears that I've gone off on a tangent, to place oneself in 3rd person is to be objective. People outside of the situation usually tend to see clearer because their emotions aren't necessarily attached to complicate an opinion with unecessary adjectives. Most times the signs are all there but we don't see it because we're too caught up in the wild oblivion of the moment.

With that being said... what I learned most this summer is the value of just sitting for a moment and being still within oneself. Inner peace, I'm inclined to argue is the first step to happiness. If you can find peace within oneself, it matters not what kind of storm is happening on the outside. Also, as with a compass, know your North - it never changes... regardless where life throws you, once you know your North, you're never too lost.

Lastly I learnt that sometimes you just have to save yourself. Not everyone you meet in sorrow wants to be saved. Some people are truly happy within their unhappiness. Their sad story is merely bait to hook you.

Which in turn reminds me of two things that were told to me by two dear friends tonight on separate occasions - one thing defining the other.

Firstly, people never want anything good. I've been told I type colloquial and my dialect radar has been wavering this summer but in case it was grammatically incorrect... it merely means that people don't appreciate good things when they get them. Oft people discard something worthy of validating their happiness to welcome a perpetual source of misery.

Secondly, the other friend explained that the devil doesn't have to come after the bad, only the good. He can't read your mind but he can hear your words. Articulate something good that you want, and watch as it becomes more difficult to attain. Additionally, the spoken word gives energy to mere thoughts. Be mindful of what energy you're fueling so that you won't be surprised at what you attract.

So... I've posted this update from my phone... I'll peek-see how it looks on a pc in the morn.

Night folks,
Shelli out.

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