Cellphone Chronicles: Hollaback young'n - ohh ohh!

By 11:15 AM

I'm in class. The charger for my laptop is out of commission. My mini sd cards also went missing en route to Grenada. Le sigh.

A friend of mine said that maybe it's all a sign and it happened for the best. However, while I generally buy into that philosophy like its my manta... you know, get all panglossian on the universe. Today is not the day which I want to hear that.

*sigh* At least I can update off my phone. Picture-less updates but updates nuntheless. Smartphones, saving the world - one technological disaster aversion at a time.

In case you didn't know, great things are happening for Grenada. One of our very own, a very humble 18 year old, Kirani James, is now a World Champ. athlete. He got the gold in his race, knocked out the previous champ. Google it. *cheers*

Additionally, I'm working on my first mural. Hopefully I'll post some soon.

Class is about to start. Better update soon.


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