...And I told y'all a change was gonna come

By 11:19 AM

"In a society that tells us long hair on women is beautiful and feminine,
 I think it takes a little something extra to kick conventions in the groin 
and chop it; it’s kinda like giving the middle finger to years’ worth of
 media cliches about how women’s hair is ‘supposed’ to look."
- Amanda Chatel


I did a collage. Funnily enough I realize I don't really have any specific photos of my hair being long. I guess, it's just one of those things people take for granted and trust will always be there. One of those things that we fail to take note of, appreciate, and capture special moments of. Nuntheless, that being said, I'll always be a curly long haired girl. I trust that my locks shall grow back. But all for now, those who know me well, know that I've been dying to try something new a while now. Whilst one might argue, my hair isn't that short at the moment, as truthful as that may be, it is probably the shortest I've notably had it. Plus, I have a bit an inch or two more of rounding off to do.



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