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"Victory is sweetest when you know defeat"
-Klick, G. Coucil

'If you ain't with a real ...
then who're you really with?"
-'Really tho'' Fabolous


Grenada's got talent.

I knew of this before. Lots of my friends are doing the whole music thing these days. Akeem's producing some nice r n' b stuff. Coglan, Shaq and those other guys doing some good stuff too in Ynv. I've always been following Cleavy with his singing and rapping... and Jerry. Jerry is just special. He's creative to say the least with an epic sense of humour. I think his channel is mostly amusing yet entertaining soca from him and his friends. 

And then there's G. Council. Well they're in their own league. They've been producing good stuff for well... as long as I've known of their existence.

This is their channel. Ynv ---> (downloads)

So... what is it that I really wanted to write about?

Ynv's been around since 10/10/10. The founder is Shaq, a friend of mine. They're a label/promotions group. Even though they've been around a lil' while now... I only recently sat down, clicked and truly listened out  one of their music videos on Facebook. Next thing I know, I'm asking Shaq for a copy of the song... He sends me to a page that has all the downloads and before you know it, I'm on their stream going through their stuff. The songs continue running automatically - as one ends, the next starts. And there am I seemingly helplessly downloading the tracks one after the other.

Some time this week or next week, I shall have a vidblog interview up with some more info... Meanwhile... check out their stuff!!! I believe they even have some mixtapes out too. What I like most about them is that right now they just seem to be constantly dropping (good) songs and actually updating their FB page. 

Go like their page --->

This is the track that piqued my interest...


So I stumbled across these kids recently. I say kids because anyone under the age of 18, to me, is a child as far as I'm concerned. I know I'm only in my early 20s but oh well... I'm (more) grown... hahaha

I saw their video before I saw Klick's. Klick is from G. Council and as I mentioned before, I already have high expectations of them and expect them to produce good, quality material.

But yea...

The group is called 'L.A.B.D.' which stands for "Little Adults, Big Dreams.' I know of a few of the members but I'm acquainted with one in particular, like a cute little brother. The group consists of four members - Jonny, Anton, Nikko and Ian. Another guy, Josh, sings with them as well from time to time. If you check out their youtube channel, you'd hear him on "I can't wait." They formed circa December.

How did I discover them? I was there minding my own business, idly perusing Facebook out of boredom and I saw a video in my stream that was posted on a friend's wall. Of course, I'm bored and have nothing else better to do, so I click.

As the video starts, I start wondering if I've seen this before because I swear it reminded me of Curren$y's "Breakfast" video. It wasn't as polished, but it bore enough resemblance and the flow was decent too. I then realized it wasn't Curren$y and it was people I actually knew. *insert confused face* Then as it progressed further I saw my friend and I was like.. whoa...

And honestly, in my opinion, it was the best local video I had seen in a while. It wasn't guys running around with their pants on the ground, it wasn't guys smoking excessively, it was some guys just having fun and doing their thing. Ok, there was a smoke scene. *frown* BUT I've reconciled that's what today's generation considers to be "cool." (Thanks to Khalifa, whom I still love nuntheless) I mean, it wasn't perfectly polished. But still...

I thought the "No pampers" vid was cleaner. However, I posted both below. I mean, look at the sequencing in clips at 0:33-0:34 and 1:47 in "Too Chill." They film and piece the videos on their own. Did I mention these are kids? Perhaps it's just that I'm lazy that I feel I'm incapable... but I thought it was a pretty impressive effort.


Klick's video...


This concludes my lengthy music post...

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