Yes I'm grounded, got my wings clipped...while I'm surrounded by all this pavement... but...Some day I'll fly... some day I'll soar... because I'm bigger than my body gives me credit for

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Last night I went to the (Grenada) National Youth Awards at the Trade Center to offer support to one of my friends that was collecting an award/certificate that night. Prior to her invitation, I didn't even know there was a Youth Awards much less that it was going to be held last night. I know, I know - that's very sad. It means I need to watch more local news and read more newspaper and get involved in more stuff.

It was lovely. I'll give my little briefing first before I speak about the event entirely. It was a little disorganized for one. It seemed as if half the awardees didn't show up. It begged the question why didn't they make it mandatory to R.S.V.P. to the event then. Or maybe they did and people didn't just bother with it, I know I hardly ever bother R.S.V.P. to functions here(Grenada) because it's not always regarded very strictly, in my opinion... and there were two awardees that had representatives sent to collect on their behalf so really and truly.. I don't know.  Additionally, there was a list being ticked off at the door upon entrance... doesn't the master of ceremony receive a copy as well to work as a heads up as to who's there as of current?

Anyways, as I was initially saying, minor glitches and disorganization aside, it was lovely. At the end of it, it left me feeling very proud of our youth and very inspired by hearing the achievements that are going on right here in Grenada. To me, I think this year's awardees deserve an extra round of applause to be pulling off such feats and taking such risks with time investment, money investment, etc. in the recession economy rather than just playing it safe and curbing creativity because of the uncertainty that surrounds.

There were awards for cultural contributions, economic contributions, etc. I forgot to collect a program... but I'll get a copy from my friend and update this part again. The long short is... there's a lot of big things going on in Grenada right now. Sure the economy is tough and things are hard. Surwe it's difficult to get a job and it seems as if it's far easier to go deal drugs, or smoke weed on the block and lament about things, or just stay home and cry to your friends, or come up with a million brilliant plans but never follow through on any because there's too much financial risk involved.

Fact: It's not impossible, nothing is. And don't worry... I'm a firm believer of impossibility being impossible when it comes to fulfillment of dreams but as with most people... I forgot. As is what happens when you stop surrounding yourself with progress people and allow yourself to get caught with all the bad things happening in the world, in Grenada, in your life. I remember back in the days when Cosmogirl magazine used to have inspiring articles about young people, male and female, teenagers into those in their 20s, who are achieving great feats... Last night was reminiscent of that.

I remember Les Brown once said the problem with people is that they come up with good ideas and then talk themselves out of it... He said remember what the Bible says : "Walk by faith and not by sight." He says it's our job to come up with ideas and then start the movements, whatever you believe in - be it God, the power of the Universe, whatever, would find away to make provisions to make your dreams possible... once you start walking confidently.

Also, another two favourite quotes of mine are "Ships are safe in harbour, but that's not what ships are built for" and "Being realistic is the most commonly traveled road to mediocrity." The first quote is one I try to live by. Occasionally, yes, I do get scared to try new things and push new limits... But then I remind myself of that quote and I dare myself to get it done. And furthermore, the greatest things are achieved by those who dare to dream big and impossible. Without big dreamers we would not have airplanes or ships - who thought metal could fly or float? Or skyscrappers...electricity...telephones...touchscreen cellphones. It's those who dare to dream "unrealistically" and test the boundaries and push them further are those that achieve the impossible...

...and I see we have budding impossibility breakers right here. A friend of mine, Brendon, one of the most driven, ambitious, local guys I know; once told me "Shellon, Grenada is a gold mind... people are just too blind to see it. We can do it with our own people right here... We just need support and guidance as youth to tap into our creativity and make it happen." [Rather than prostitute the island as is typical when you're a third world country trying to go forward] But last night proved just that to me. How right he was/is... I mean, I've always believed and agreed with him. But when you have all that talent and achievements going on in one room it's hard not to be in awe. I heard stories of people who started selling door to door out of a van, or truck, and now have a huge business. Or this young lady who had a passion for dance and started her own company upon graduating high school that teaches (ages 2 - 16 yrs.) and her group does dance performances at various events around the island... Or even one of my friends, Rico, I didn't even realize how deep into music he was until last night. He participates in the Calypso and Soca Monarch (I can't remember which one specifically) and he has won before. He also writes songs for many local artists like Nicoyan Bain, Otis (as in this year's Carnival king) and so forth... And I believe he has also received a Grade 1 Distinction at the Royal Music School in England (again I have to get it clarified officially, but I believe this was what I heard). Additionally, there are lots of different organisations around wanting to help young people achieve their dreams or at least open up a whole new world of possibilities/horizons such as GRENCODA... There's the Lion's Club and the youth arm of the Rotary, Youth Parliament, Youth Ambassadors, etc. There's so much going on...

...Now that I feel inspired. I once more come to the conclusion it all comes down to choice. Some people choose to strive for greatness and get involved in positive ventures to help develop themselves... and others choose not to. Yes I know it's hard to dream a world you haven't been exposed to, and not "blame the system" but the truth is... There's enough Oprah television and internet great achievement stories going to make that excuse a lot less valid today.

Also... before I launch into the photos.. which are few (mostly because of where I was seated)... I must say we have a lot of musical talent. There was this boys group that sang a capella called "Victorious Brothers" - I swear, they sounded and reminded me of BoysIIMen... Then Josh Mathurin performed one of John Legend's songs "Ordinary people" and he did it beautifully... And Nicoyan Bain, she's got such a sweet voice. WHY doesn't the world know these kids?? *ahem* I mean young people. Seriously... I know we're definitely not lacking talent... Aside from them I've got a ton of friends that sing beautifully and rap craftily like... Thamara, Akeem, Chrispin, Beans... :( Why aren't these people on the map?


Josh & Nicoyan 

During the ceremony

Crop of above photo with the two adorable stage escorts.
I wish I could've taken a better photo of them. 
It had such an informal island vibe, yet appropriate,
 feel to their cute outfits.

Nicoyan & the Victorious Brothers

Victorious Brothers

After the whole event was done... *sigh*
I could finally get a photo of the stage.

Carly, Kerry & Myself.


In closing, anything is possible when it comes to fulfilling your dreams. When you want something as badly as you need to breathe... the universe has no option but to help find ways to make your dreamworld a reality.

Time to start putting your big dreams in action people.. before you get left. *wink*

Shelli out.

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