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...Sobbing like a question mark
so full of beg...
-"The 11th Hour: Crash and Burn" Alysia Harris (poem)


I know I keep promising proper posts and regular updates but - life happens. Also, during the course of Christmas vacay, I intend to re-do this blog template (again) but more professional looking...Or at the very least, sort out my tags (scroll down right column) and match my posts appropriately.

School's out. I've had a lot of time on my hands to reflect. Again, I know I have like a million reflection posts on these blog but I'm going to assume I'm going through that reflective period in your 20s where you're trying to figure out your life and make the right decisions slash live your life and enjoy your youth while you still have it. I'm drawing blanks. Kidding...

A few days ago I bounced into a friend of mine, Sher, that I haven't hung out with in ages... I was speeding trying to catch another friend at work before lunch and she was walking towards me. She didn't have any real plans for the day so I brought her along with me to chill.

What was different about this meeting is that... I'm finally realizing how old I'm becoming - we're becoming - all of us from my graduating year and thereabout. It's been 6 years since high school, 4 since college... and that's a long time. I remember when I was in high school and past students would visit and we'd ask them "Does it ever feel weird, do you ever miss it...?" Some would respond by saying "Yeah initially... but after a while you stop thinking about it."

It's true. I was going through some college photos that I haven't really touched in years from circa 2nd year. There were four of us at the core, Sher, myself, Shamz and Ru... But there were also many other people in the tight group such as Stef, Killy, Chad, Zeli, Greg, etc... All of this to say that those photos represented a part of my life when I was happiest and as time passed, whenever Sher and I would meet up - despite having left college, started working, and moved on with life - would reflect on how much we miss those days. How simple they were. How much a part of us it still feels. The days of rushing to go to Drama club practice, staying on campus until security has to run us, walking idly across the Carenage late and sitting on the Square until we realize what time it is and literally have to run like hell to catch the very...very...last bus almost as it's pulling out of the terminal.

But, this time it was different. Looking at the photographs were different. Speaking with Sher about it was different... It was no longer me speaking about the past and still feeling a part of it. Now, it's me speaking about the past like a still moment in time. Something that happened, I enjoyed, and has gone. I'm sure all of you have a moment like that... not necessarily college days but a period of time nonetheless.

Felt odd but natural at the same time. I guess I'm over my college days... And dealing with adult life now.

Anyways... I'm getting ready to go clubbing.
Shelli out.

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