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It's been a while... It seems as if 2010 is ending on the poignant note of constantly reinforcing the fragility of life. Two young people about my age passed away over the past week and some (I *think* one from cancer, the other from lupus), and then there was a motorcycle accident over the weekend and the cyclist died. He was in his 20s as well. Ok Universe, I get your message. I shall try to actually relax more. Take life less seriously. Live each day as my last... And try to end each day on a good note with those that I care about because you never know which of your last words will be your last words.. 


The above photo was from my most recent tea party pic, last Wednesday. Aunty Joann made some sort of experimental Sangria Blush cocktail that was absolutely delicious. I can't remember what she said it was called but it's comprised of wine and various citrus juices and she added in pink grapefruit slices as a garnish.

I was supposed to write about the tea party but then Uncle Eddy's passing happened and I got completely thrown off. Also, I don't really remember if I've written a post about any of the tea parties or not as yet... But here goes...

I've been to about 3-4 this year I believe. It's essentially a gathering of women for snacks and tea/juice with little mini events --- of course, performed by females. I don't think it's for everyone, as most things... However, I do enjoy it and it's quite an experience. I'm amongst the youngest at these events -- the younger generation are essentially the daughters of the women who attend.

Why do I like it? Why is it fun for me? 

1. You get to dress up......any how you'd like to and it would still be appropriate. I've done long floor grazing halter dresses (the light cotton ones), strapless mini sundresses/cocktail with a slight can can under the skirt, jeans and off the shoulder tops... I mean, seriously, I'm a girl. I love to dress up on occasion as does every girl and look all pretty. This is actually the kind of forum that you win with anything except excessively casual - like going to the beach - or excessively elegant - it's broad daylight in late afternoon, no gowns necessary.

2. Girls talk. It reminds me of this movie (I never saw...but assume it must be something like) whereby there were several generations of women living under the same roof. There are all these women - married, single, divorced, I dunno... there are probably even cougars and sharks(as in women on the prowl) amongst us. However, they all have their experiences and everything gets shared on the table. The topics range from anything like relationships to even how you do your dishes or work experiences or even travels. There's really no boundaries on what is or can be discussed. I don't generally actively participate in most of the discussions. I can handle my own in general topics but I haven't been married and I'm still fresh on the relationship scene - pushing 2 years versus quarter century? Instead, I listen. Actively listen. I've learnt so many little lessons from these talks.

3. Food!! C'mon... I love food. I know my size begs to differ but I really do. Anyone who has seen me eat on my travels especially knows that I could put it down and leave you baffled. For example, the photos below are both my plates in one breakfast sitting in Brazil. I love fruits and...umm... I love ham and cheese and waffles and... err... yea... And I've done much heavier plates.

There's always a variety of finger foods such as bbq chicken wings, sandwiches, pastries, etc. And of course, tea -- and fruit juice for those who opt out.

4. Mini-events such as games, shows, surprises, etc. 

So yea... I think it's fun.

It's getting late. I'm slightly tired and in dire need of a shower.... So I'll do my other two posts I was planning to do tonight, tomorrow.

Ciao everybody.

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