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It's Wednesday. You know what that means? Friday is two nights away.


Now a Facebook friend of mine runs a website called "Ghetto Police" and "No Way Girl". Today he's just on a.... I can't think of a word to describe it but he's updating his statuses almost every 5 minutes. However, despite the frequency of his name in my newsfeed and the crudeness of what he has to say - it makes sense. Another friend of mine, Jamal, made me add him as a friend because he felt it would be an educational experience for me. (lol) And that I'd learn a lot about relationships and stuff. Bleh, I think he just says things I already know but forget. But nuntheless, it comes up so random that it's entertaining if nothing else.

So like I've been complaining to my friend about some of the stuff Nick posts recently because it seems like he's become more raw in his approach... But for the most part, I think he makes some sense. I don't agree with the harshness - but as my dad always says, sometimes you need to deliver a little shock treatment to get a proper reaction.

He is right when he says that "positive advice" isn't really working. His main peeves revolve around the direction society is going in. He speaks constantly about the gully and gaza kings and queens. Mind you, I myself was in such a situation recently lamenting over that.

I had bounced into a young girl about 18-19 years old and on her Facebook profile she has, like many other females, an album called "Gaza Queen" in which she posts pictures of herself. I remember it fondly because I complained to everyone willing to listen to me, boyfriend included. I mean, how could any self-respecting female refer to themselves seriously not as a joke but seriously as a Gully or Gaza princess/queen? *perks eyebrow* Currently, the new epidemic is everyone is a Barbie, following the whole Nicki Minaj trend. 

I'm in Grenada, I have many of my ex-students and their friends on one of my Facebook profiles and you can bet that somewhere in the midst of their names are "Barbie" or "Diva." Is that what we all want to be when we grow up? Party to materialistic American pop culture?

As for the men, I really don't get the whole "I'm a gangsta" thing. Every time I get a friend request, I check through profile pictures. Should I encounter an album entitled gaza or gully, photos of guns, you throwing up gang signs, your chances of being added get halved. None of this is "cool." 

Just the other day I was having a similar discussion with my mom. We were talking about men and women today and how they behave. I was telling her that I think the problem greatly weighs upon the female because the men are only doing what works to get the girl. A lot of young women have created a situation whereby men don't have to really be respectable with their approach, they don't have to value the relationship, they don't really have to do anything.... Because not enough females seem to respect themselves enough to say - Hell to the NO! Reel and come again..!

Following are Nick's direct statuses with minor censorship. Check his websites out. He knocks females a lot, but as he said in one of his statuses, he's a guy so his focus is primarily on women. It's up to the women to set the record straight with expectations from men. 


Mind you, as I said before, he speaks pretty raw. His threads run pretty long so I only screen shot the first couple posts. One of them went up to 38 posts in commentary. But really, he makes sense. The sad part is, he's writing from a Bahamian perspective but what he says I think is pretty much true for the whole Caribbean region. Everyone thinks it's cool to be gangsta and ghetto... And those who don't think it's cool to be gangsta think its cool to be a barbie or a diva or caught up in some other brand name culture be it Gucci or Dior...whatever. No one is aspiring to be the next Bill Gates or create some positive musical revolution or launch some brilliant idea that would actually help society. Nope. Aspiring gaza and gullys.

What do you think?

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  1. guest9:42 AM

    uhhhhhh are u allowed to copy and paste that? lmao

  2. stupes!! avi!! something proper. Hmph!

  3. a man9:42 AM

    nothing new here. been saying the same damn thing for years now, the world gone to shit and it's these materialistic assholes fault. teaching our kids fuckery. read a damn book and learn something. seriously, ever heard nicki minaj speak? ghetto retards anonymous spokeswoman.

  4. um...sorry, so the point of yr post was what? u agree with him or u think he's being too harsh?

    personally i read his statuses and *shrug* I'm not phased, guess that means i don't have a Barbie Bone in me :P?

  5. I agree with him. Well he did say that ---- the girls who would take offense are those who have reason to. Be happy you don't have a Barbie bone.

  6. wow. I found your site. Its me Nick. Thanks for the write up :-) and keep up the good work.

  7. awesomeness :D np...I'm sure you're gonna have some new issue up soon for me to rant about again.