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Long post ahead

Who saw "The Bucket List"?

Yes I'm well aware most of you have probably already seen it. I tend to be on the late band wagon when it comes to movies... Recently I posted "Say" by John Mayer on my Facebook (You should totally check it out, that and "hotblack" by Oceanside...epic songs) and a friend posted that he loves the song but loved the movie more. Naturally, being the inquisitive person that I am I asked which movie he was referring to... and he said the song was done for the movie "The Bucket List."

I recommend watching it. I think it was very inspiring. It's about those two guys, who are both terminally ill from cancer. Upon the doctor informing them they only have 6 months to a year to live, they decide to make a "[kick the] bucket list" and then set about doing it...

Inspiring in the sense that it made the cliché "live like it's your last day" come to life. The only difference between those two guys and us is that they have a time frame within which they know their lives remain, we don't. But, what if we did? What would you do then? With each crazy idea from skydiving to car racing there was one catchphrase they kept saying, "we're going to die anyways!!"

And how very true. We are going to die anyways - whether we know the exact date of our departure.

What did this mean for me? I have a tag on this blog called my "Before I die list" but I never put anything officially in a list form. I think I shall start doing so -- counting in the things I would like to do and have accomplished already.

I have a friend/ex-classmate on Facebook, and every time I go on her page I get bittersweet feelings. Honestly, I don't know how she's finding the money to fund these things but it's certainly not stopping her from living her life. When I was 16, I used to declare I wanted to do some of the very things she's doing right now. She has photos sand surfing, sky diving, backpacking like a hippie with the hippie van, camping out on a beach outside of the city, bungee jumping, etc. Right now she appears to be backbacking across Asia starting from Singapore and now in Thailand.

In the early days of my Facebook account, I posted a note asking people to answer a few questions about myself and my darling friend Russel posted something about me finally doing my Eurotrip. I read the comments day before yesterday - I clean forgot all about that note and that Eurotrip.

In my family, I can't say if one side over the over, we seem to suffer from wanderlust. My dad has traveled whimsically all over Guyana and lived in Suriname. My mom had quite an adventurous spirit as well... Hell, picking yourself up and moving to a completely different country the way my parents did takes a certain level of an adventurous spirit - because it's not to say we left because of a struggle in Guyana. My dad came to Grenada on one of his many visits and wanted to move here someday.

My cousins are similar. I remember one in particularly, Uncle Eddy's son who grew up in Massachusetts. He did a travel abroad course with his degree in Spain or Italy, fell in love with the culture and country. I believe he even switched majors. Now he's a teacher in Florida and he is thinking to switch again. He's living pretty comfortably too.* So it's not reckless living.

Honestly, I don't worry. The times you have heard me ever complaining, my friends, are just moments when I feel like babbling unnecessarily and venting but I don't really worry. I've actually been accused of being too carefree. What does this mean?

To me... it means I'm happy. I know I'm going to be successful someday - I'm definitely not worried about that. I have big dreams and I intend to fulfill each and every one. Live full, die empty right? But to what good place has worrying ever brought anyone?

I'm not going to launch into one of my lengthy "When I was in NY this happened..." stories, I'll save it for another time. But in a nutshell, lots of things have happened to me that had I worried and jumped into a panicked frenzy, I would not have seen the ease of available solutions.

Now, just like my family I love traveling, experiencing new things, pushing myself to new limits. And, I endeavor to bring my kids up the same way. I want them, shall I have kids, to be curious about the world, want to understand different cultures, see different things, and open their minds. I think my life experiences thus far, aside from the few awesome thought provoking professors I've had, have molded me into the person I am today... well in the regards to my sense of curiosity and open mindedness.

Here's my list of things I want to do/have done before I die:

1. Learn to do different dances
2. Push myself to do something very public to build confidence.
3. Travel extensively  More.
4. Go on a cruise 
5. Go hunting
6. Explore a haunted building
7. Go to see a "dangerous" waterfall up close
8. Learn meditation. (still working on it... I have tried the yoga thing)
9. Sell my artwork Become a successful artist.
10. (Complete) A novel. Nanowrimo is coming up... maybe after I drop Stats I'll have more time to actually start and finish my novel this time.
11.Conquer Math Well... Math is a subject that always requires re-conquering. *sigh* Just my luck. I'll try this conquest again next semester.
12. Learn a foreign language to the point of fluency.
13. Go ice skating
14. Go sky diving.
15. Learn to in-line skate.
16. Learn a sport properly to the point of complete understanding. I'm pondering basketball.
17. Learn to drive.
18. Go rock climbing.
19. Live in New York Live in Manhattan at least once.
20. Get over my fear of the ocean.
20. Learn to scuba dive.
22. Go kayaking Kayak more.
23. Publish a book.
24. Help a complete stranger anonymously.
25. Eat sushi.
26. Make an entire full course gourmet meal down to optional desserts.
27. Learn to sew, crochet and embroider.
28. Dye half my hair an exotic colour.
29. Cut off my hair and donate it. (This one might be removed... I've tried to cut my hair for years and failed)
30. Go on a road trip.
31. Go hiking,
32. Go camping.

That's it for now... I shall add and remove accordingly... What about you?

(11/17/2010 update P.S. I took out some stuff so it could look more list like)

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  1. Shawn9:42 AM

    shelli... u always late =P. i've had my list for years now.

    1. Learn a martial art. (i know several now).
    2. Backpack across Europe and Asia. (i'm still working on this one).
    3. Join a band or form my own and become a recording artist. (i have plans....meticulous plans)
    4. Sky dive.
    5. Learn to really cook, not just a couple meals, but anything and everything.
    6. Become a stock broker.
    7. Publish a book.
    8. Be known as a kind and considerate human being.
    9. Teach my son/daughter (when i have one) how to play the guitar and instill in them the value of good food, good wine, good friends and good music.
    10. Fly a fighter jet (i wanna join the airforce =D)

  2. drkares9:42 AM

    hhhmmmm your list needs a lil work
    1. be my bridesmaid
    2. godmother of my kid
    3. go to australia, portugal, and paris w me and then the rest of the world
    4. when you go on that road trip itll be w me........the red car
    5. be known as the bf of the best criminalist in the world
    6. staying healthy and happy
    7. being punctual....actually this should be number one

  3. lmao tues...! I remember the red car...lol lol lol. I'll revise my list. ;) good suggestions lol

  4. i've had my list for yrs too and u've already seen it, have not watched the bucket list though, want to thus i haven't read yr post yet :P