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Epic summer.

I thought about the world
Drank gin and watched the news
And there are some things I'll never understand
Why the country needs a God
And a woman needs a man 


And it's like everytime I turn around I fall in love 
...And find my heart faced down...
And where it lands... is where it should
...Something's gotta go wrong cuz I'm feeling way too damn good
- Nickelback "Feelin' way too damn good"


Oh the awkward moments of social networking... You add one person and then someone else you know casually through them adds you and you're faced with the question - Do I accept on the basis of casual acquaintance? Do I reject because under normal circumstances I wouldn't have even bothered to send a friend request vice versa? Or do I leave it pending... so that deliberation spares all feelings involved? Hmm...


The merits of time management?

As a procrastinator/disorganized individual... How many times have you ever decided to use a planner and plan out your weeks/months? And how long did that ever last for?

I'm doing this class - Review of English and Study Skills. Initially, I was annoyed that I had to do it but this first assignment has only showed me how disorganized I am. I knew I was a bit off before, but I didn't realize how much. We had to do a weekly and monthly planner. I well catch my backside to work out the daily/weekly planner - I ran out of hours in a day considering all the things I convinced myself that I do and the amount of time I spend idling. And I knew I had a filled semester even though my schedule looks so spaced out subject-wise... but filling out the next four months on a calender just made me realize I don't have a life for the next four months really, unless I come up with a brilliant game plan.. hmm...


So... before this talk gets stale... Lemme talk about this 'Burn a Qu'ran Day' thing. 

Are they crazy??? The irony is, before I knew this was going on, some friends and I had a religious argument in the Library and naturally it got heated. The firm Christian believers would become very impassioned and the argument matures into something it really didn't need to be. At the end of it all, as with all these types of arguments all I have to say is - God, regardless of religion, sends the worst public relations people to try and convince me of any inclinations to believe in organized religion.

And then along comes this idiot to validate my point. When in doubt, just wait - there's always some dotish person around to misrepresent. 

I mean I have so many opinions on this but all are negative. On a religious scale, how is this even ok? Is that what God is telling you in the bible?? Whatever happened to respecting your fellow man? Imagine the grand scale offense it would be if the Muslims decided to have a "Burn a Bible day." You want people of other religions to respect yours and live alongside you peacefully, but at the same time you want to be disrespectful??

On a civil rights scale, America has too many freedoms. I posted a while back about my surprise and annoyance at their stance with the 'right to burn (their own) flag' as a means of self-expression... C'mon, you have to draw the line somewhere... Some of these rights are inevitably going to violate other people's rights in some way and you can't keep bending and changing your mind every time someone decides "Oh, we should have a right to do this..." That just makes you seem confused and way too accepting. And it creates an even bigger problem sometimes...

....In a political sense. This is more than just a religious issue. If it was a "Burn a Bible day" issue, it would've been something religious. It probably wouldn't have even ventured beyond the forum of a religious offense. However, it's supposed to be done on the day of 9.11... the day of the alleged terrorist attacks. I say alleged because I'm also one of those people, as indicated in previous posts, that believes there's some merit to the conspiracy talk and think too many curious events surround the whole thing. (But I'll save the elaborate discussion for a future post) 

Back to today's schedule message.... Burning it sends a whole different message on a political scale. You're not just offending Muslims within the US but those outside... Those who additionally, might I add, are not afraid to kill you and themselves to prove a point? And when they react, it's most likely not going to be some petty one little church response, but something that would wipe out a lot of people... Remember, beware of the fearless person with nothing to lose???

Facebook page "Burn a Koran Day" with a "Islam is the devil" profile pic? Seriously?! 13,992 fans?! 

Need two good solid slap between their sense and their non sense... das wha...




On a funny note...
check the following vid... His myspace has it better though

I'm 50 tyson *wink*

So I could stay warm when I was without you 
Without you I don't sleep 
Just dream... 

-Jack's Mannequin "Last Straw" 

Today is another rainy day. I'm freezing. Let me resume being an ice cube now.
Shelli out.

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  1. Markmukasa9:42 AM

    First of all, I don't agree with the "Burn a Q'uran Day". Islam does definitely have some radical elements within the book, but 1) burning a book is always wrong; 2) Even though the Pastor of the Church claimed he's only doing it to get back at radical Islamists, he's totally missing the point: by burning a book revered by all Muslims, you're not just offending the radical extremists who we couldn't give a hoot about, but also the law-abiding relatively moderate Muslims.

    BUT, with that said...I do think he has the right to do so. Freedom of expression is a tricky thing. If we ban something just because we disagree with it, then we have no right to claim we're a democratic society. I'm not asking anyone to be tolerant of *all* views, because extremism should never be tolerated, but once we start rolling back viewpoints we disagree with, whether justified or not, we run the risk of going too far with it and affecting normal people who might have a legitimate gripe or those who want to express themselves in risque ways.

    I think there is a case to be made for getting him silenced on the grounds of promoting racial violence, as we've criminalised over here in the UK though. But unless he's saying "discriminate against all Muslims" then I see no need for that. There's a difference between attacking someone's religion and attacking them. I mean I occasionally say that Catholicism is a pile of nonsense and that the Pope needs to be arrested, but I have Catholic friends I get along with perfectly fine. I just make the distinction between someone's ideology and the person themselves. What the problem is, is that not only is Terry the Pastor a total dipshit, but he puts all Muslims in the same basket and his actions are only going to divide society. He's a publicity whore, but he's definitely effective.

  2. Kidreaper9:42 AM

    Thank God you finally realize that your have the worst time management skills. Now for the actual comment; I like the way you set you sub topic together, your subtopic mange to follow your daily plan meaning this shows how idle those children in that study room become. However, the whole burn the ***** (I won't say it since I don't want nothing to do with it.) is just goes to show how the people who call them self christian have little understand.You mention something earlier pertaining to the bible i would like to that the same Bible mention a lot of passage about loving each other no matter what but here we see the devil at work, for the word love seem to only exist for christian and no other human being alive. Thus, anyone that is not christian life is in danger, I think you should choose you side before it to late ha ha. The seriousness of these matter has not yet to happen since it only a matter of time before christian turn on each other in the thirst for power, although, it has already start a long time ago. The 911 incident was plan by the Americans them self even a newly born baby knows that the American was the cause of all those dead on 9/11.

  3. Crash&Burn9:42 AM


  4. Shawn9:42 AM

    "You want people of other religions to respect yours and live alongside you peacefully, but at the same time you want to be disrespectful??"

    ....No they don't! They don't want them to live beside them peacefully... they want them to be Christians too!

  5. I agree all they need is a good slap between the eyes in truth because obviously logic isn't reaching the brain... and i am not an advocator of violence -.-U Just making Christians look bad ^stupes* and believe me the sensible Christians aren't liking this either his like that damn ignorant person in the family that keeps getting drunk and yelling shit like 'for the family!" at ppl and you just find yourself inching away from him lest the bullshit spewing from his mouth soils your garments, even more regretful that you dont get to CHOOSE family >..<) oh internet conspiracy how vast you are and how wide your arms extend...

  6. Shells9:42 AM

    i agree with him being a publicity whore... and exactly, extremism should never be tolerated. We have to draw the line at some point.

  7. lol lol true true

  8. Exactly. Just making Christians look bad... but I mean there are a few confused ppl there that are joining in for the wrong reasons - be it ignorance, love of drama, hatred of muslims, etc etc.....