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I had an awesome weekend.

I didn't go to the Jhandi but I still got my seven curry. What is seven curry you ask? (Don't worry, I know you're thinking it... I didn't know myself) How my mom explains it, it's simply different dishes in portions. Each dish you call it a curry. For example, stew eggplant, curried katahar, etc... each is a "curry." So if someone comes to visit and asks you, "what curry you cooking?" - simply means - what dish are you making today?

I love Jhandis. I can't understand a single word in the prayer, nor am I Hindu so I don't need to understand it... But I love the whole cultural experience. I get to wear my shalwar... Hopefully someday I'll have my own sari.

And most importantly, with all Indian celebrations, there's always a LOT of food involved. That naturally is my most favourite part. The dishes don't have meat - but it tastes so good you don't need meat. My favourite dishes are anything with katahar in it. Why? Because katahar tastes like chicken. I remember the first time I ate it I asked my mom how come she said they don't cook with meat yet I'm eating chicken. *frown* She thought it was funny...

Anyways... After the prayer they give you this little brown paper bag that has all sorts of yummy goodies in it - generally sweet treats. There's a little bag of fruits such as a slice of apple, a banana, dates, prunes and grapes. Then there's a bit of prasad, rote(I'm not sure how to spell this one), pera, mithai/kumar, etc... And then there's the wide range of Indian dishes such as dhal puri (roti), various curries, stews, etc. as well as desserts. Yum.


What awesomeness did I do instead? I chilled with snooks and watched a couple movies. As usual, the ones I pick turn out extra sucky and much to my annoyance, in contrast, despite my reluctance to watch a pile of action movies, he always picks out the ones that are really good. All I could do at the end was mumble and mutter and grumble to myself.

I picked out  'Burning Bright.' Honestly, it wasn't awful but it wasn't that great either. It was like a 10 minute plot that got dragged out into a full length feature film. In a nutshell it's about this young woman and her autistic brother who get trapped in a house with a tiger during a hurricane. Sounds absurd? Not quite. How the movie explains itself is plausible enough... but it's not involving enough. Straight-to-dvd? Yes. Would I watch it again? Umm.... sadly to say, yes, just because of the suspenseful gasp moments with the tiger (and I cut through half of the movie and apparently we missed some exciting parts according to reviews on IMDB). The tiger was absolutely gorgeous and they used a real one(or three). But... the plot just didn't have enough to carry the whole film.

(who's a pretty kitty? Yesh...yesh... yesh you are)
(ok enough gushing about the tiger)

He picked "Salt" and "Knight and Day." I loved 'Salt.' It was very entertaining... nice plot line and development. A little love story, a little action, and lots of woman power - what's not to like? Tagline question is 'Who is Salt?' In a nutshell she works for the CIA and is accused of being a Russian spy. After reading through some reviews on IMDB some people seem to have gone too indepth with their analysis - going on and on about the Cold War, the impossibility of the movie, blah blah blah. It's just a movie, chill, an entertaining one at that.

 'Knight and Day' was alright. I think I almost fell asleep at some points, but that could be because I was tired as well. It had a similar action/romance trend to 'Salt' but (to me) less involving. However, it was more comedy and had a much lighter atmosphere and considering all the hype from the two action/suspense/thriller movies we watched prior, so that could be the cause of my prejudice. Maybe if I watched it in isolation of the other films and wasn't a tad sleepy then perhaps I would've loved it. I generally love all of Cameron Diaz's movies. Some people are after some powerful battery Tom Cruise's character in the movie helped create. They try to kill him, Cameron gets fenced in all the excitement inadvertently.


That is all.
Shelli out.

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  1. the cultural celebration sounds awesome, time to get a sari girl! cause i wanna see u in one :)