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Last night I went to the club. By went to the club, I mean I actually attended a fete, so to speak, not the after work lime or such..... but an actual party. I went to the 'Free Drinks - Deal or no Deal' with a couple friends. 

I had fun. I think perhaps I'm getting too old for this though. Despite all the talk I gave my friend Avi about her liking to leave parties around 1-2 am because she gets tired - I found myself feeling slightly tired but I shall blame it on my shoes that were killing my feet, causing me to have to sit down periodically. 

There was one glitch in the whole thing. Let's call it... community service. Those who have been following my blog should know what exactly I'm talking about as it's referenced a few posts back. I don't recall being that annoyed for the whole year. It's not like "I'm sorry" really counts for anything anyway... or resolves anything. If you were really sorry then........that's ok. I'm sorry too. Sorry for wasting my precious time.

Now back to greener pastures and a more interesting story. 

I was surprised at the music that was played. Normally as Carnival ensues and the date draws closer, I find myself having to brace myself for the soca overdose that the Djs like to drop. Carnival addicts are all YAY, more soca! I, on the other hand, am not that soca enthused. But it was nice mix of dancehall, soca, hip hop/rap, techno, and a lil reggae. Aside from my aching feet, I had fun.

The non-fun part was what happened after the party. A few posts back I wrote about how uncivilized we seem to be as a nation that claims to be developing.

Would you like to see an example of what a civilized nation looks like? No... I'm not talking about the US, because they're not even a poster child for what I'm talking about... The following video is an example of civilized. I encourage you to take that 10 minutes of your life and view it, and see if you don't feel inspired to relocate or at least feel the need to incite some sort of revolution right here.

We civilized folks can't seem to go to a party, have a few drinks, dance to some music, and not try to kill each other after we have our little fun. Seriously. Is that where we are as a nation?  I can't go to a party in town, the capital town of Grenada, where the police station is not even a good 15 minutes away from anything, and not fear for my life, and my friends' lives afterwards? 

Granted, I wasn't particularly in the direct line of fire. But I shouldn't have to be "keeping out of anyone's way," cowering behind other people and trying to rationalize where is the safest place to go. If I get hit, or someone lashes me, it's just collateral?! That's not something to get vex over..?! 

I saw some of my ex-students there last night. Which means, that there were surely people much younger than me in the midst. What if they got hurt too in all this wildness? What if someone of the little fight group managed to hit a really really ignorant person on the sidelines inadvertently and a bigger something develops...? What were they even fighting over? Actually, that's none of my business. Well... Just as the Easter Monday at Bathway... I found out later on today according to Facebook that one of the guys ended up getting killed. He was beaten up and "thrown/fell" <--depends on who's telling the story --> into the water. Before I left I saw one guy get injured about 5 ft. in front of me, that was a different guy. *sigh* 

This whole thing is just depressing. I don't care if "de man look fuh he death" or some other drama so. Granted, some of these guys have probably done some wicked things, and maybe their rationale for the fight was not completely implausible. But was right outside of the club where innocent people are..... the time and place to deal with your personal issues? While you're dealing with your "disrespect," everyone else has to be "disrespected"...?

Whatever man... I hope this isn't a prelude to what Carnival is going to look like. *sigh*

Shelli out.

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