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I just saw the most disturbing vid. I don't even remember how I landed on the video, but I remember seeing a warning about the images being graphic and disturbing. However, while it is graphic - it's nothing that movies haven't desensitized us to already and it's not even as graphic as the very worst of them, e.g., Saw. What was disturbing was the ideas it was pushing.

I know not many people will agree with what I'm about to say. The video is based on the war in Iraq. It has images from bombing the people. Words on screen pushing the idea that the attack is valid, and they are doing God's work. In fact, at the end of the video they say "Either we help you meet your maker...or you can take matters into your own hands."

As I watched it... several thoughts ran through my head. First of all, there are wicked people all over - and you don't have to be Muslim to be wicked. There are wicked Christians too *cough* slavery... *cough* the Crusades... *cough* Well... furthermore, this isn't even about religion...wicked people exist period, regardless. And just as there are wicked amongst us in every group, there are good people too...or those who at the very least, want to be good or have the potential to be but just aren't strong enough to stand up against the masses.

Secondly, I don't believe that all of Iraq is fully supportive of the terrorist movements. I do believe that there must be some innocent people over there... and it's not right to just kill everyone.

Thirdly... remember the Crusades? Destroying the Muslim holy places... Isn't the Jihad just the Crusades in reverse? All those who are saying "those people must not know God or fear God to attack Americans and attack Christians"....what do you think the Muslims were saying about the Christian belief in God?

Lastly... I'm not saying it's right. I don't fully believe terrorists did 9/11. I don't fully trust America either. I mean... there was no weapons of mass destruction to begin with - but that was one of the themes they were pushing. They have technology to see a license plate via satellite.... but they can't find one man that can't survive without a dialysis (Osama Bin Laden)? There's too many questions swimming around that whole thing. The media naturally, as with what they do with every idea they want society to accept, just as with homosexuality (no I'm not homophobic but for the sake of argument) has found ways to incorporate the culture of fear and terrorism into most of their programs from sitcoms to movies. Every where you turn, the media is telling you how you're supposed to feel about Muslims, terrorists, etc... the level of fear and suspicion who're supposed to be experiencing... Who pays the media? Who do they rely on for support...? Oh right.. let's think back to Elections... it all comes back to the governments. Therefore, the people are merely puppets on a string, blindly accepting everything thats being pushed to them. What are the real intentions of the those leading?

I don't support fighting violence with violence... although I heard a quote in the 'A-Team' movie that even Ghandi the pacifist said that in certain situations it is warranted. I don't support just killing people either. But I believe in the world we live in, unfortunately, it's the only thing people seem to understand when the fragility of life starts coming to the forefront with death surrounding. But I also don't believe in placing God in the rationale for killing people either as the video pushes. War isn't God's work as far as I'm concerned... but that's just me...

Check the vid out... tell me what you think?

These are some of the comments on the vid...

  • willpounder | 1 week ago
    good poor flag
    Let me post this again..... FUCK IRAQ! Pull every american out of there and and then drop an atomic bomb and wipe those mutha fuckers off the map. -2 reply
    • olympicFapper | 1 week ago
      Why dude? What did the Iraqis do to you? They didn't carry out 911, Saudi Arabia & Pakistan did most of the work. Yeah you are right though, together with the women & children, we should destroy all the remains of the Sumerian/Mesopotamian civilization, where writing, the very skill you are using to type your ignorance into words, was invented. Sure, we should destroy the Craddle of Civilization because Bill O'Reilly from Fox says so. +1 -1 reply
      • willpounder | 1 week ago
        I don't give a fuck about them, because they don't give a fuck about us. I've lost too many friends to IED's to give one shit about the Iraqis. They are savages that have no fucking value for human life. Look at how they treat women. SAVAGES. And who gives a shit about where language came from. I used to go to a Bob's Big Boy when I was a kid and it was leveled to make room for an apartment complex so life changes. It's time for theirs to be extinguished. -1 reply
        • olympicFapper | 1 week ago
          How many Iraqis have you met in your life? reply
          • gynecologist | 1 week ago
            Iraq?..no .....but I knew an Iranian pretty well,. my brother's girlfriend.. she was nice... during one thanksgiving family get together, she was invited..,..and she went ahead and carved the whole turkey,.. I swear, after she was done with her handy knife-work,..not one scrap of meat was left on that damn thing !!! (10 minutes later at most)... never seen anything like it.. -ever since then,..she was known to us as the "terrorist" -lovely story,.huh reply
    • turdusmcflurdus | 1 week ago
      yeah lets be retro and use atomic bombs.... thats so 1950s cool man......seriously tho we are far to concerned about collateral damage and civilian deaths..... we could be much harder on them.... much much harder reply

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  1. JinxTrent9:42 AM

    I tend to agree more with Shells on this. Just because a group of people carried out an act that was undoubtedly heinous doesn't mean we should over zealously accept the fact that everyone of that race or religion is the same as them. Unfortunately as humans though we develop a conditioned response based off of past experiences its not like we can really help it since its pretty much ingrained into our DNA. Example: Say you were brutally attacked by someone from Spanish decent, even though you wont outright display aversion to every spanish person you come across your psyche still harbors that fear and you respond accordingly. The same thing applies in the case of 9/11. A middle eastern terrorist group kills thousands of people and all of a sudden all middle easterners, be them living in America or abroad, are instantly labeled and hated for something they had no connection to whatsoever. Even if this whole war was carried out under the pretense of "justice", it doesnt make sense to me that with all the technological advances that have been made in america be it warfare, medical, communications, w/e. that this would have lasted so many years. I tend to lean more to the side that says the WMDs was just a load and we were really using this whole terrorist attack as a means to invade their country and take their resources. All in the name of Justice eh?