But... I wish it would come

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Oh the joys of having the house to yourself. It's one of those simple pleasures that those who already live on their own oft forget. However, having once tasted such luxuries and returned *sigh*, I have not forgotten such pleasures and thus I am relishing in it right now.

Nats slept over a couple nights. A couple other friends dropped by during the week to cook & stuff. I had fun.

Other than that. No real post to talk about. My freedom ends Wednesday. 

*sad face*


On a side note, as I returned with Ronique home after her afternoon walk I remembered something that Becky, Nat's lil sister told me. Becks in a random moment of inquiring whether I'm prepared for a hurricane, stated that she wished one who hit Grenada this year. Naturally, I did the automatic adult response whereby you discourage such aspirations and say all the bad things that could happen.

But when I was walking Ronique in, I remembered that when Ivan had hit, it was an adventure to me. I, too, much older than Becky who's a child, was looking forward to a hurricane hitting. I was well armed with my digital camera, checking storm updates constantly, snapping pictures of my neighbours' roofs flying off, chatting on msn with friends asking about what was happening on those parts of the island, up until my roof, too, went. Of course that really didn't hinder my adventurous spirit. It didn't really dawn on me how possible death/injury was possible from flying debris nor the potential magnitude of the ensuing consequences. 

Ok, I'm not going to lie. Even afterwards it was still somewhat an adventure to me, with the living by candle light, telling ghost stories, watching the stars at night, bathing in the rain, sharing food with your neighbours... Would I want to relive the experience? The good parts, why not? 

The bad parts however... like the crime, the fear, the potential food shortage and politics governing it, the being worried about other storms hitting before we got back up as a nation, the trying to get your house fixed, the trying to get your business fixed, etc etc not so cool. 

I conclude, perhaps, I would wish for another hurricane, but only if it were consequence free. But then again, I'm sure if there were no consequences, we'd engage in a lot worse.......right?

Shelli out.
Early night for me....

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