And everything he touches will be golden...

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The whole truth and nothing but the truth
Stop me if you've heard this one before
The whole truth is nothing but a good excuse
So long as you don't torture me with my past
Let's be honest; a secret silenced is a secret safe
-"Miami" TBS


Who's the masquerader now?

I feel like my exterior
Unintentionally mocks who I am.
Goading me to do something,
Prove it different.
The skin that I'm within is
Old and aged and worn,
Ready to slither off and reveal
the newness underneath.
It's but fear of the unknown
The uncertainty of this altered destiny
That keeps my quick fingers,
Duck taping the tears as revealed.
The innocent exterior,
Shiny enough to blind,
But those who pay attention see the scratches
Along the reflective surface.
As my words slip past my lips,
Betraying a truth I wasn't trying to hide.
It's not living on the edge,
If you're right on schedule.


Girl says (5:04 PM):
i made poli sci my b*tch today

Boy says (5:04 PM):
seems like someone's turning out to be quite the young lady

Girl says (5:04 PM):
and i tapped that a** on the table

Boy says (5:05 PM):
well scratch that young lady comment, more like young pimp but I guess somehow it equates

Girl says (5:05 PM):
i blame boondocks

Boy says (5:06 PM):
your new rave eh

Girl says (5:07 PM):
lol i blame my cousin

Boy says (5:07 PM):
and he's the supplier to your new drug

Girl says (5:10 PM):
damn straight

Boy says (5:11 PM):
tsk and to think some people thought it was the American culture that would change you


Shelli out for now.

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