Don't wait.....

By 11:11 AM

So, it's been an eventful Christmas holidays... Like a 'Dusk and Summer'.


She smiled in a big way, the way a girl like that smiles when the world is hers. Head tilted to the side, sparkling glimmer in her eyes tell of a playfulness on the brink of brimming over. Her small nymph-like frame, barely tall enough to tuck under my chin relaxes into my arms as the sky paints its own tale before both of our eyes.

It is a poetic moment. Poignant. It is the birth of something, and the conclusion of something else. I watch as her fingers distractedly trace random squiggly lines in the sand. The edge of the water inches closer to our toes, that are dug into the sand. The thoughts in my mind are anything but racing. They collide into each other as I desperately try to sort it all out. What is is the meaning of all this? How shall it sort itself out?

The pink hues seem slapped across the sky at random, teasing the orange in silent dares that they only understand. The sun is dipping lower... closer... the the water's edge. Ever notice how close it looks from here? If we just jumped on a boat and paddled in the direction, we'd be able to touch it. Bathe in its warmth like an old friend's embrace.

Another sun-soaked season fades away... And I am no closer, nor any further. I'm just..... sitting still... observing the flow of things... everything will sort itself out.


Shelli out

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